Wednesday, October 13, 2010


Today was my birthday and I was so surprised to see how many people wished me a 'happy birthday'. I was not expecting that at all. Seriously, I'm used to maybe -like- a couple e-mails and a couple facebook messages but today I got 13 comments on my previous post, 20 messages on facebook, 8 texts, 5 voicemails and several phone calls. WOW! I am seriously impressed! Thank you!!

I thought I would share my birthday transformation, only because I was told by a few people how different I looked today. FYI - I normally wear clippies to hold my bangs back and a large clip to hold the rest of my hair up. Today I used my sister's high profile professional straightener to burn straighten my hair. I truly don't think it will ever smell the same though. LOL

So the first picture is of me when I woke up this morning. Bad night's sleep. Even worse than normal. You see my waist and hip ratio difference is really quite severe and so when I lay on either side my spine curves into my hip. It's painful. For the same reason I cannot lay on my back - my spine will bow - nor can I lay on my stomach for any extended amount of time because then my spine inverts. It's not fun. Anyway, besides the normal pains of a night's sleep, I had 3 horrible nightmares, paired with 2 times waking up to pee on top of waking up when the girls would become restless. Needless to say I did not sleep well. Here I am with my residual makeup, and my hair completely whacked out. LOL


The second picture is of me, post hair straightening and makeup adjusting. What a difference, right?


Oh and look, I have a neck! Where did that come from?


One  more NSV for the night: I tried on my wedding ring. The same ring that 1 month ago I had to squeeze over my second knuckle and then had to use soap to get off. Tonight it slid on like butter. It fits perfectly. I suppose that means when I start losing more weight I will need to get it sized. YAY!

Tomorrow starts my new calorie regimen. I am actually quite confident in my ability to adhere to my own stipulations and I am excited!
There was an occurrence this morning (of which I will not divulge because I don't want to call the person out) that sparked an idea for a blog post. Since most of my inspiration for blog posts seem to come from one source lately, what would this post be about other than Allan? LOL Now, I have already written a decent sized post so I have condensed the long version

You see, Allan keeps saying over and over again, reiterating and pounding it into our skulls that he did not invent his diet. That he is only acting on the sound advice of medical professionals and logic. While I agree to some extent I was also thinking that no matter what a medical professional or logic might tell us, the proof is in the pudding. A doctor could also potentially tell us that by drinking minuscule amounts of noxious substances we could forever be free of cancer. I'm sorry but I'm not willing to be the guinea pig for that. And in the instance of dieting I will call Allan my metaphorical guinea pig. He is the proof. Medical professionals can talk until they turn blue in the face but to see a man who has listened and has dropped nearly 130lbs in 150ish days. That speaks to me the way no medical professional could. So, while he may not have invented the idea behind the diet, he is the poster boy that advertises that the diet works. I don't know about you, but when something is inspirational I don't always give credit to the idea origination place. Instead, I give it to the inspiration itself. In this case the inspiration is Allan and he has inspired me to follow in his footsteps. 900-1200 calories a day, here I come. New, thinner, healthier, happier me, here I come. And even though a medical professional came up with it and Allan didn't invent it, dude, you sure do promote it well! So thanks!

Not much more to blog about. Tired. So tired!

XO Kristen

PS - Is it wrong that I am impressed and flattered that Drazil is following me now?



  1. Belated happy birthday!!! And yes, the hair straightening and make up makes a difference! =)

  2. The picture with the neck and the cleavage, and the kind words.. I have to clean up a little now,, thanks...

  3. And who was talking smack this time ?

  4. OMG!! You are such a babe!!

  5. Wow, you're looking great! I love when I don't have to fight putting on my wedding is my sodium detector :) I will be watching to see how you do with the new calorie plan. Good luck!


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