Thursday, October 7, 2010


Warning: Not Weight Loss Related
2nd Warning: Controversial Topic
3rd Warning: Potentially quite long
4th Warning: Be NICE. We’re adults here. No FIGHTING. Only discussing. PLEASE.
So, not his most recent post but the post before that (THIS ONE) Allan brought up the topic of immigration. Basically his point of view is love and be loved and live and let live etc etc.
I’m going to start with a bit of history, just for shits and giggles. My husband. Anyone know where he's from? Yeah, Mexico. 100% Mexican. Cien porciento Mexicano dijera el and he’s damn proud of it.
My husband came here 12 years ago for the first time when he was about 23. He flew from Mexico City into Tijuana and then waded waist high through sewers and active irrigation lines that were filled with filth and garbage. He slept in the dirt. No pillow. No blanket. Just his brother to lean on if he felt like the ground was too hard. And his brother was a completely other story. While my husband was 6 foot, healthy and lean his brother was roughly 5’10, not so healthy and merging into the 300lb weight range. Not fun or easy (an understatement) when you have to run from la mosca/ la migra (the helicopters that scavenge the areas where illegals pass through and immigration officers who patrol the ground.) When his brother had drunk the last of their little canteens of water, my husband drank from the filthy infested sewer water because he was sooo thirsty. They were caught, once. Fingerprinted. Sent back. And they came again. To experience it again. To come to El Norte. To work. To send money home.
Kay, so that story is over. You want to know the reason my husband came to the USA? There are millions of Mexicans who come every day because their family is starving or their family is sick or there is no way their family will survive if they don’t find something (whether it be money/medication/food/clothing/whatever) if they don’t come to 'the North'. In fact, while I was in Mexico I experienced an 8th grade graduation (which is like a high school graduation here - only the kids are 14) You know what the principal said in his speech?
That there were many kids who would be soon traveling the the North (unofficially stated but assumed by illegal means) and he asked for prayer among all the parents and attendees of the school. Illegal immigration is not only so common but so accepted that it is almost a right of passage.
So back to my husband. Why did he come? Because he wanted un grupo. A musical group. And he wanted to work to buy instruments and equipment. You see, his dad was un director (principal) of a school for many many years. In Mexico this is a fairly prestigious position and his dad was a penny pincher. The man is stinkin’ filthy rich (even by United States standards) (Mind you the one American dollar is equivalent to approx. 10 Mexican pesos) His dad has a bank account with hundreds of thousands of pesos in it. Money he would not share with his son – my husband – his youngest – his baby – because his pinched (pinches) his money so tight. So my husband came here. He worked 4 jobs in Southern California. Slept 3 hours a night. Worked his 4 jobs. Slept 3 hours and repeated it again and again for one year.
Then he went home. Then he came back. He did it ALL OVER AGAIN.
Fast forward 4 years. He goes to Mexico after he has proposed to me. He was still illegal. He can’t come back unless he wants to risk the sewers again. Immigration again. Only now the risk is greater. Illegals are getting killed by minute men. So, I apply for a fiancé VISA and go to live with him in Mexico. We waited 6 months for his interview. 6 months.
I will say right here that the United States does not make it easy. In fact we make it nearly IMPOSSIBLE for Mexicans to come here legally. You either need an American sponsor (Via work or marriage) or you’re SHIT OUTTA LUCK. Oh and the work VISA’s are so overloaded that it is now taking approximately 2 years for one to be approved. 2 FLIPPIN YEARS. WTF?
Ok, so all that was said to give you an idea that no I have never lived THE LIFE OF AN ILLEGAL, but I have been there and watched it. Personally. The things they go through. The things they endure.
Now you are probably expecting me to defend illegal immigration. But you’re wrong. I’m not going to.
1st: There are so many Mexican immigrants here in the United States (3 of them being my husband’s nephews) who are here for shits and giggles. They work, they pay their federal taxes AND they send money home – do you get that? THEY SEND THEIR MONEY HOME. As in OUT OF THE COUNTRY. No longer circulating the USA. What do you think that does to our economy? When an enormous population of people works solely to send money out of this country, we lose jobs, we lose our houses, our businesses. WHY? Because that’s how economy works. In order for our country to thrive we can’t have a deficit of earning and spending. What we earn needs to go back into the country so it can come back to us. If it goes out of the country, our country goes down the drain.
 2nd: Allan asked the question, why are we only worried about Mexicans? Are Caucasians really afraid to be outnumbered in the United States? It isn’t a fear of being outnumbered. It is a fear of being erased. If 10 Mexicans come into this country and 1 speaks English semi well and the other 9 don’t and have no interest in speaking it AT ALL and the trend continues, eventually English will be a dead language. I don’t know about you, but I speak Spanish so I’d be okay. But what about all the white folk who don’t? Will the gray haired lady who can barely recognize her children then be forced to learn another language just so she can survive in the country she was born in? Should that be acceptable?
Oh and btw (regarding the burrito comment) if you go deep into Mexico (as in half a step past tijuana or ciudad juarez) and you ask for a burrito they’ll hand you a donkey... of course after they look at your like you're completely insane. Burritos aren’t Mexican. They’re Americanized Mexican food, originating in Ciudad Juarez just below El Paso Texas. Tacos on the other hand ARE Mexican and if you’ve ever had authentic (no not made in a side street cart – but authentic IN MEXICO tacos) with two small homemade small corn tortillas filled with meat of your choice covered with onion and cilantro with limón y sal y salsa (cuz salsa here is sooo not salsa – think no tomatoes … LOL) that is some delicious eats right there.

Something like this
3rd: Allan also stated this:
As the haters continue their rant about the Mexican's, I would like to remind them that everybody is in this country illegally, unless you are a Native American Indian.
I have to say that I was born here and I am legal as legal comes, regardless of where my ancestors came from. An illegal is defined as such:
An alien (non-citizen) who has entered the United States without government permission or stayed beyond the termination date of a visa.
I was born here. My children were born here. The son and daughter of my illegal niece and nephew were born here and we are all legal (not the niece and nephew).
So this argument/debate/whatever you wanna call it could go on and on and on. The fact is there is a HUGE population of illegals here in the US. (Not just Mexican but still a vast majority are) They aren't just going to leave. No one is going to kick them out.
What needs to be fixed here are the stipulations to get into this country. If you make it exceedingly impossible for someone to do what they want (and the US does this for the Mexicans who want to come here) and if they want it bad enough, they will find a way regardless of the means. If you however give incentive to do the RIGHT THING (which the US does not) it might be more likely that there are more legal immigrants and workers here on VISAs than traveling through filthy sewers to come here the ‘easy’ way.
One last thing:
Say the roles were reversed. Americans were prohibited from going to Mexico and of course, as is human nature we want what we can’t have so that’s where we all want to go. But we can’t. Not without proper VISAs etc. They then make it exceedingly difficult for us to get these VISAs. They require documentation of property, bank accounts, family member’s bank accounts, bills, assets, and if you don’t have them well then that’s just too bad. NEXT IN LINE. Then if by some miracle you do have what is necessary, on top of all that you get interrogated by racists who ask you demeaning, embarrassing, ridiculing questions, who really couldn’t care less if you do or don’t get into their country cuz HELL they can get in and that’s all that matters and will accept or decline you just based on how you look.
Then let’s say you decide to go illegally. If you survive the trek, you have to get a job. You have to find some place to live. You have to find transportation. You have to find food.
When you go somewhere to eat and they don’t speak English do you think they are going to give a rat’s ass that you don’t speak Spanish? No. NEXT IN LINE!
When you go to the bank to open an account and you don’t have the proper identification, do you think they are going to make exceptions for you? No. NEXT IN LINE!
When you go to the hospital and they require a down payment to cure whatever illness you have do you think they’re going to care when you have no money? No. NEXT IN LINE!
Oh, and Mexico is a God fearing country. For anyone who might immigrate with PC on the brain and the idea to enlighten Mexico to atheism, Buddhism, Islam – whatever – do you think they’re gonna bat an eyelash in your direction? NOPE! NEXT!
Also, do you think if you get stopped by a policeman in Mexico and you don’t have the necessary documents to prove you are allowed to drive (or money to pay him off) that he’ll just impound your car? Oh no! You go to jail.
And back to the language thing, if you can’t speak Spanish, how could you possibly expect to get a job? A huge percentage of business in Mexico is retail whether commercial or family owned. If you don’t speak the language how could you possibly work? I’ll tell you. You couldn’t. They wouldn’t accept it.
So why then, does our country allow people who don’t even belong here to get treated first in hospitals? Why does our country allow these people to drive illegally, without proper drivers training and licensing and the punishment is having their car taken away. (which might I add they will just go find someone to pay off to take it out of the impound lot OR they’ll go buy another car – whichever is least expensive) Why do we bend over backwards to accommodate people who are unwilling to learn OUR language. Have we all forgotten that ENGLISH is the American language? If you look it up, the predominant dialect of Northern American is English. So why shouldn’t they have to speak it?
I think I’m done now.
If I continue this could be quadruple the size it already is.
So whoever has read this far (wow, I applaud you) and you feel the need to comment, I ask 2 things. NO ATTACKING AND NO FIGHTING. Cuz I don’t want to turn comments off – but I will.
XO Kristen  
PS: I can see it coming a mile away. Someone is going to accuse me of either hating Allan (because I don't always agree with what he says) or kissing his ass (because I am always branching my posts from his and mentioning him) Let me clear things up for you. I don't hate him. How can you hate someone you've never met? Nevertheless, what I do know of him I actually really like and respect which brings me to the people who may think I'm kissing his ass. I'm not. There's no reason to. I don't need to make friends here. If that's what I wanted I sure as hell wouldn't have written this post. Nor would I have posted about my relationship with my husband and you'd only hear the happy highlights of my weightloss journey. No. I don't kiss ass. Well, at least not here. Like I said, I respect Allan's views and a lot of the time he has some very thought provoking posts and I figure, instead of wasting space on his comment section, I may as well branch on my own blog and expand on what I think or have to say. Soooo... with that said, I'm interested to see what YOU people have to say - if anything.


  1. yup.
    we won. period. This is the united states of america. period. We have borders and we have laws. Thanks. I don't do this...argue about it.
    I talk by voting...november is in clear view...from my front porch.

  2. I have no problem with other people being here but I think they should learn the language. I have been looking for work and many jobs REQUIRE you speak Spanish and that is hardly fair. I have worked for over 20 years but have had a hard time finding something dealing with the public without knowing how to speak spanish. I worked in customer service for 15 years and many people would call and say they could not speak English but as I talked to them, I realized they COULD understand and speak it.

  3. Morning, and why am I getting bitten. You are the Switzerland of this land, as I am never sure where you are going, let alone who's side you are on. I have had very authentic Mexican food, about 5 feet from where I am, from authentic Mexicans, for many years. What is wrong with kissing my ass a little ? Love ya, just not sure of your position, except you are not fond of In-laws... Peas

  4. Gotta love this topic! :)
    I have been here too and I agree with you!
    I went there and couldn't speak their language and felt like an sucks!
    I think that you are right about it all. I mean my ex did the same thing with sending money (and A LOT of it) to Mexico, and that does really screw up our economy.
    It is a touchy is just a damned if you do and damned if you don't type thing, but I really don't think that they (the government) will ever get it under control. sad!

  5. Great post, although I agree with Allen ... not sure where you actually stand on this issue! =D

    I agree that there are situations where someone may need to leave their country (not just Mexico) to make a better life for their family. Having dealt with writing job letters for INS at my former job, I know how hard it can be. In some instances, they are living in poverty in their country but only 1 family member is allowed into the states; so that family member works 12-18 hour shifts in order to survive here and also to support their family in their homeland. I see nothing wrong with that; although it is sad that they should have to work so hard and so many hours -- but that's neither here nor there. :)

    I do have a problem with people coming into the USA because they want to build a house in their country (in cases where our dollar is worth much more in their country) just so they can "be rich and have a mansion" over there (I swear, I've had this told to me by several folks from 3 different countries/islands). I also don't agree with immigrants refusing to learn the language. In NYC (Brooklyn to be exact), there are areas that are predominately Russian. Instead of them expecting them to learn English, the city has changed street signs, city building signs, etc. so they are now in Russian. I don't go to Bklyn because I can't understand any of the signs!! In Miami, FL if you go into a diner, supermarket, grocery store, etc. you'd better know Spanish or you will not be served. I'm Hispanic, my husband is White and it irkes me everytime we're in Miami and hubby gets ignored at stores because he doesn't speak Spanish.

    Getting off my soapbox now. =D

  6. RepublicAN...can't's Friday so who cares, right? lol

  7. I'm a conservative Republic girl and I agree with pretty much everything you said in your post. You did enlighten me on how hard it was to do it "legally"....and I agree w/ the lady above who has a problem with them earning money here, and going back to the homeland to live high on the hog. That irks me, too.

  8. I love this post. I really appreciate your knowledge of the topic, and how you have really thought it out. Thank you!

  9. I really don't think the English language is in danger of dying out, at least not here. I live in south Texas, not too far from Mexico. My dad is from Mexico, btw. But in my generation, many of our grandparents don't speak English. My parents primary language is English and many of the older folks here, their primary language is spanish, but their kids are learning English and speaking it primarily. So if anything, I believe there's more English speaking people here than 15-20 years ago.

    As far as them seeking medical treatment. I believe that hospitals should not be turning away people. Most, if not all, emergency rooms use triage systems and if there's somebody else who needs medical treatment sooner than I do, I'm not going to fuss about it even if they're here illegally. Illegal or not, they're still human just like us Americans and we're all children of God.


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