Wednesday, October 27, 2010


Breakfast was a 100 cal sandwhich thin toasted. One egg fried in non stick pan no oil or butter or spray for 80 cals. One piece of kraft singles cheese for 80 cals and a grande nonfat mocha from starbucks for 220 cals. Grand total for breakfast was 480 cals.

Love me my caffeine addiction! Lol ... No but seriously, I'm
Nursing a wannabe migraine so the mocha was not only a treat but completely called for as I only take my migraine meds when absolutely positively necessary.

Looking into zumba for wii or some zumba DVDs today so I can get my zumba on at home too!

Back for lunch!

XO Kristen

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  1. Sunday Zumba for Cancer Care in my town. Al will be dancing. And also Thanksgiving morning... How about a Vente coffee, and a squirt of Fox's UBet... 40 calories !!! 220 calories for the drink is kinda silly...

  2. Sounds like a very healthy breakfast :) Keep up the great work!

  3. I get my caffeine in my 150 calorie Pepsi every morning. So refreshing and cheaper, too. Caffeinne withdrawal SUCKS but water helps. Chug chug chug!

  4. Iced Tea with Splenda works for me. 0 calories

  5. I keep trying to kick that caffeine addiction...but I can't do it! Or maybe I'm just not committed enough when Starbucks is so close to work ;)

  6. Yeah I work next to a Starbucks and I get a discount, or my friends just make it for free. Really hard to turn down. But seeing as it is the same amount of calories as a meal, even made skinny I cut it out and had my withdrawals lol

  7. Have you tried a doppio (double) espresso con panna? It's two shots of espresso with whip cream. It's only 50 calories, gives you the caffeine you want and a bit of sweetness. This has become a fave of mine.


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