Friday, October 8, 2010


It seems to be the consensus that I am the Switzerland of the immigration topic. Regardless that I just spilled a good 1/4th of my thoughts on the subject, people are still unsure of where I stand.

Do you know why you're unsure of where I stand?

Because I'm not hardcore immigration. I don't think coming to the USA should be a free-for-all. I think their should be rules and stipulations (as I outlined in my previous post). I think their should be requirements and programs that allow people to do it legally and perhaps be rewarded for doing it the right way and finding some kind of deterrent for doing it illegally (the wrong way).

I'm also not hardcore anti-immigration (as you can tell). I don't think that illegals should be 'sent back'. I think that once aforementioned rules, stipulations, and programs are set in motion that they should be obligated to comply and of course all 'new' immigrants would be obligated as well.

There is no hard and fast answer. These people ARE PEOPLE. We can't treat them like animals. Herding them here and there and banishing them and killing them. (Because many many many are killed in one form or another as they attempt to come here) But because they ARE PEOPLE they also know right from wrong and when they make choices that are wrong there have to be consequences and (perhaps like children) rewards for doing the right thing.

Our country is no longer respected as it once was and we need to regain that respect. Going the direction we're going, that isn't going to happen.

So if you wanna call me Switzerland so be it. I stand that immigrants (illegal or not) are human and should be treated civilly. I also stand that there need to be consequences for not following our laws. And lastly, I stand that what really needs to change is OUR government and what they allow to happen in this country.

When small children do naughty things, you can't always blame them. Sometimes (a lot of the time) it's the parents' fault.

In this case, immigrants are the small children and the USA is the parent. This parent needs to get some huevos. (and not the kind you eat)

XO Kristen


  1. Switzerland is not derogatory, it is a peaceful land of middle. Nothing wrong with that, and please do not take it as a slur. I'm a fan...

  2. I personally live in AZ where they attempted to pass the law known as SB1070. (they had is 'passed' with MANY changes done by the judge) I am not sure why we are so concerned about illegal immigrants when this isn't a 'new' problem. Technically, we were once considered the problem. I mean really Native Americans should be spitting on us and what not. I think America as a whole needs to focus on more important things rather than one that had been going on for years, and will continue to go on for years. So we get a law passed on illegal immigration, but we have a law against drunk driving and people still do that. I think we need to rebuild the country and get us back up to where we were and out of this rut we are in!

  3. Your previous post gave lots of great pros and cons regarding this nation's immigration ... that's why I wasn't too sure where you stood on the issue. Not that it would matter to me if you were only for or only against ... we're all entitled to our opinions.

    Allan is right; being considered "Switzerland" isn't a bad thing or an insult; it just means that you don't just jump on a certain "side" following the mayority ... you look at the issue objectively and make up your own mind, always looking to find the good among the bad. That is a very good quality to have. :)

  4. I'm kind of where you are, Kristen. I don't devote a lot of time or energy to the immigration debate but I do believe that people should not be breaking the law here, that means they should come here legally. And it should be an easier process to get here, at least to come and work here. My dad didn't have a choice when he came here illegally, he was just a child, and then when he was trying to become legal, he had to go back to Mexico for a while, but it took him about 15 years before he became a citizen.
    American is a great country but I don't think we're so much better than everybody else that we have to make it extremely difficult to come here legally.


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