Tuesday, October 26, 2010


I woke up and didin't want to eat well. I wanted a massive bowl of honeycomb cereal with whole milk and then I wanted some eggo waffles with tons of margarine and loads of syrup and then I wanted a fried egg (or a dozen) on white bread with mayo and lots of cheese.

I sat in my  big recliner fidgeting and fighting with myself for nearly two entire episodes of Fresh Beat Band. Yep, that's one hour of internal warfare regarding B.R.E.A.K.FA.S.T. Grrr I started just sitting and ended with my legs curled under me and my arms folded tightly over my chest. I need to stop the internal chaos and just do what is GOOD FOR ME.


I got up. *sluggishly might I add*

Put on the coffee to percolate.

Pulled out the last 4 packets of Splenda to pour in my HUGE cup of coffee, my eggnog flavored creamer
and my 250 cal cinnamon raisin bagels (yep 250cals for the whole thing)

I toasted the bagel, poured myself coffee with 4TBSP of creamer.

My one mug of coffee is the equivalent of 2 normal coffee mugs.

I then ate my bagel dry and it wasn't half bad.

Normally I would eat 2TBSP of cream cheese (an extra 60 cals) on it but I wasn't in the mood.

So 160 cals for coffee (actually just the creamer) and my 250 cal bagel and I top off breakfast at 410 cals.

I'm full. I'm satisfied and I will be for at least 2 more hours.

I will be blogging lunch and dinner as well. I am thinking maybe this is the solution to my problem. Instant accountability for my food ingested.


See ya in a few hours.

XO Kristen


  1. I've been adding what I eat to my blog close to after eating it (if I'm home) and that does help. It short-circuited an extra bit of snack last night--I was CLOSE to another bite--because I only had 10 cals left. Being bloggy accountable kept me in line.

    It does help.

    Make sure to get some nice protein for lunch, girl. And veggies or fruit.


  2. What she said,,, Yeah,,,The Princess knows...

  3. I try to "tweet what I eat" I log it on Twitter...um... errr..when I remember. LOL

  4. good job!! It's a tough fight and you won this battle!


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