Wednesday, October 20, 2010


So tonight, as I was contemplating starting WWIII here in blogland with a topic that just has my panties all in a knot lately, I decided to declutter my blogroll (again) and can you believe there were nearly 20 people on my list who had not updated in more than 3 weeks?!?! Jeez! Don't you know that once I follow you, you are to feel an obligation to post at least every 2 weeks. I mean, I have reiterated this time and again. I stop reading you when you stop writing. Okay - of course - I was just joking about the feeling obligated stuff. But on a serious note, it does get kinda disheartening and sad when you become attached to certain bloggers and feel a real connection to or motivation from them and then they suddenly drop off the face of the earth. It's like losing a friend and not being able to make sure they're okay. Very frustrating for me.

On the weight loss front. The scale and I have not been on speaking terms. Murphy is mad at me for going off plan as I did and I in turn am afraid to step on him and see what he says. So, I am thinking of making it a full week (maybe 2) on plan and then seeing if he forgives me. *wink*

Back to the topic of WWIII here in blogland. I think I will start the topic and then let the comments speak for themselves. Then, maybe I'll do a follow up post - as I usually do.

So the thing that has really got me all twitterpated lately is confusing honesty with being politically incorrect or rude or racist or sexist or what-have-you. It seems while there is all this ranting about tolerance and acceptance, honesty is not tolerated and is actually (in some circumstances) considered intolerance.

Disclaimer: I am not specifically targeting any one specific controversial issue. It seems to happen in all controversial forums. Just FYI

Okay, there's the prompt. I am not going to expound on that until I get some feed back as I am mentally drained from other issues currently overwhelming my brain at the moment. I am extremely interested in your thoughts, views, beliefs.


XO Kristen


  1. I think the funniest thing that occurred was that while trying to live and let live you can have people say your THOUGHTS ARE MEAN.
    ah, well.
    I don't believe in censorship. People's moral codes are their own. I find the biggest problem in this country is the utter failure of our society to let people live as they see fit within the boundaries of the law and their conscience. People not only want you to live and let live but the want you to AGREE with them, even if what they deem true goes against your fundamental belief in God. Well, I would hope people are strong enough to know who and what they are and understand that you don't always have to AGREE to be loving and respectful. Maybe it's because of the state of media or our political system...but people have forgotten how to listen to an honest opinion without becoming offended because it doesn't fit with their particular world view. People have forgotten how to listen and debate and how to disagree without being disagreeable. It's sad.

  2. I agree with the previous poster...People have forgotten how to "agree to disagree agreeably" ..ha, say that 5x fast!!!

    Honestly, I think being PC is toxic to our society. This "oh just live and let live, love..etc" mantra has allowed people as a whole to run amuck without any hesitation on their actions.
    IMO - a person can be intelligent...but people = not the brightest crayon in the box. It's sad but true. You can look throughout history and see where as a massive unit, people make really bad decisions.
    There's a reason why a system of checks and balances works so well. We need accountability.
    I've also begun to learn that with maturity (not age, MATURITY) comes the realization that you do NOT have to be abrasive, rude, and loud to get your point across. That's something I see in people these days. If you aren't screaming it in everyone's face, then you aren't being heard. So not true!

    Ok, rant over. Breakfast time :)
    You tell Murphy to be a good boy, ya hear?!

  3. OK, well fuck the non-abrasive shit. As a liberal NY'er, I firmly belief in free speech. Everyone gets to say what they want, and everyone should be accountable. That said, 400 pound people writing about the benefits of organic foods and a healthy lifestyle need to be as well respected as your husbands rights to teach the King's English at Cambridge University in London. Both items should be mocked and ridiculed. Just my opinion, and for the record, If obese people listened to the soft approach, maybe we wouldn't.... ya feel me..

  4. I firmly believe that being overly PC is ruining society, just as one of your previous commenters wrote. Although of course bullying and verbally abusing people are wrong in any circumstance. I was reading someone's blog that read every so often for the mere fact that they irritate me and she said that it should be wrong to talk about diet and fitness at work or social settings because it offends people who aren't on diets, etc., or who choose not to diet. What?? So what CAN we talk about at the proverbial water cooler anymore?

  5. I think Allan said it perfectly!!!! Minus the fact, I am not a NY'er, but other than that... just copy and paste that comment right here!! :D

  6. I'm with Allan also. Regarding the 'blogger obligation', I think you really hit home for me. I stop writing when I don't get comments, thinking that no one is reading, the 'poor me, nobody likes me' kicks in. I started my blog to be accountable to myself and in the process have met many great bloggers. I guess I haven't been a faithful commenter or blogger. My ways have now been mended and I am aa new follower. Thanks for the kick in the pants.

  7. so glad i just found your blog.. totally agree... I get so tired of PC attitudes.. I think it is part of the reason this country is so fobared up..totally wrong... I do not think you have to be ugly to get your point across .. Sharp perhaps but not ugly..The best road is honesty but not at someone's expense... what I mean is.. be honest but you do not have to rip them a new one.. if you get what I mean..


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