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Anyway, so I am glad that so many of you share my opinion on being PC. I think it is truly ridiculous that we live in a country where one of our human rights is FREEDOM OF SPEECH and the people in our country have become so sensitive. There was once a time when being politically correct meant simply being considerate. But NOT ANYMORE! No, now we walk around on egg shells for fear that we might say something that GOD FORBID might offend someone - anyone! Of course no one should intentially TRY to offend other people but when the truth is fact and the facts must be told, well grow some thick skin and suck it up.

When people are offended by truth and fact that is no one's problem but their own and they need to learn how to deal with it. Being offended by something as random as being called a stewardess as opposed to a flight attendant is just ridiculous. Being offended by being called black as opposed to being called African American or whatever the newest PC term is, is just nit picky. Of course there are bigger and more important topics out there that we suddenly have to be all PC about too. God for one. Heaven forbid we mention God in public without also mentioning Allah, Buddha, Muhammad and Mother Nature. Heaven forbid we carry a Bible proudly or pray in public or say Merry Christmas to someone who doesn't celebrate the holiday. The world just may end!!

I found this list of PC bullshit from another blog and I think it's AN ABOMINATION!! - the PC-ness of our society - not the author or the content.

A janitor is now a custodial engineer and a garbage hauler is now a sanitation engineer even though neither has an engineering degree. An American Indian is now called a Native American. A person who is deaf is now hearing impaired. A blind person is now visually impaired. A handicapped person is now physically impaired. A fat person is now called weight challenged or weight impaired (I am fat but I am not challenged nor impaired and I resent the use of those words. I don't mind being called fat, after all, it's the truth, but I do mind being told that I am less than others because I'm fat.). A pet is now called an animal friend. A person who is slow to learn is now mentally challenged. Orientals are now Asians. Anno Domini (AD) is now Common Era (CE). A prison is now a House Of Corrections. An illegal alien is now an undocumented immigrant or an undocumented worker. Terrorists are now called insurgents even though the definition of an insurgent is a rebel and a rebel does not usually kill innocent people. Punks and delinquents are now called environmentally challenged youths. People are no longer laid off, they are now downsized. Merry Christmas is now Happy Holidays. Happy Thanksgiving is now Happy Turkey Day. Even Valentines day is now being called Friends Day. Don't say "under God" when saying the Pledge of Allegiance, because you might make an atheist uncomfortable and then the atheist might sue.

For the rest of this gentleman's quite comical but VERY TRUE post click HERE.

So people, I say tell it like it is. Don't intentionally try to hurt people but don't bend over backwards and break your spine trying to be nice when there is just no easy way to say something. And for all you PC extremists, grow a backbone, get some thick skin, see a therapist for your insecurities and GET OVER YOURSELF.

Now onto:


Yep. I used a word that I rarely do. I'm not a big fan of the word but this time I think it is merited. I have been reading blogs. And I mean TONS of blogs. I have hundreds of blogs in my blogroll and that doesn't even touch on the hundreds of random ones I read all the time.

Recently, via a much loved fellow blogger, I came upon a weight loss blog who has taken weight loss to a new and frightening level. Her blindness to reality is truly astounding. I don't do the 'GO LOOK' thing because that just isn't necessary to me. If you know who I'm talking about fine. If not, well, be glad.

I have never been one to openly 'flog' other bloggers. My motto of sorts is blog and let blog. Not too long ago I was attacked regarding my opinion of God and homosexuality. People unfollowed me. I got horrible comments and e-mails. Because of my OPINION that I stated was my OPINION. This woman however states her OPINION as FACT and I think she lacks in both experience and perhaps intelligence to be able to do so. Perhaps this is a rant. So you are now warned. This is a rant. My period should be starting in 10....9.....8.....7......6.....5....4......3......2.....1

Apparently because when googling images for the world BOLD she got photos of a cell phone she suddenly thinks that we have very little in our society that represents the true meaning or symbolism of BOLDNESS.

--- Hmmmm, I'd check elsewhere besides google imaging before making such a BOLD statement.

Apparently America as a whole (yep, I guess that's you and me too) have a 'fixation and dependence on on pharmaceuticals as a matter of cultural ignorance that stems - not on accident, mind you - from the manipulated marketing with which consumers are dominated and brainwashed.'

--- So now we are not only fixated and dependent but manipulated, dominated and brainwashed. I SEE! BUT BUT BUT - I am kinda liking the pharmaceuticals that keep my lungs inflating from my bronchial asthma. My sister is very thankful for the pharmaceuticals that ease the pain in her knees (she's 17) that as of yet are in pain with no diagnosis. My grandmother is also quite happy with her fibromylagia meds. And I am sure my grandfather is quite thrilled with his pain medication that allows him to live 'normally' with neuropathy in both hands and both feet, bone spurs throughout his body, crushed and herniated spinals discs and frayed nerve endings caused by attempts to rid his face of malignant melanoma (he's 62). If that means we are fixated, dependent, manipulated, dominated and brainwashed then bring it on cuz THEY LIKE BEING PAIN FREE AND DAMMIT . . . I LIKE BREATHING!!

Apparently the cure for all cancer exists and therefore no research should be put forth and no funding of said research shouldn't be allowed because it already exists!! It really does!!

--- Sorry, I don't think so Tim. Oh and sorry lady but listing a thousand flippin' documentaries backing up your theory isn't gonna prove JACK SHIT! Thanks for the try though.

Apparently now not only our government is corrupt (cuz I totally agree that it is) but now our pharmaceutical companies, the researchers, the scientists, the doctors, and the insurance companies are all part of a conspiracy she calls the "keep 'em sick and ignorant" machine.

--- You're kidding me right? This truly leaves me speechless. Okay maybe not speechless . . . So, maybe insurance companies and maybe pharmaceutical companies are in it for the money but can you really imagine that researchers and scientists and DOCTORS for heavens sake really want to keep us 'sick and ignorant'. I think YOU are sick and ignorant and I don't mean sick like you need some Nyquil and Theraflu (even though you wouldn't take it anyway cuz then you're promoting the conspiracy you so blatantly abhor) I mean the 'you need to see a psychologist and perhaps a psychiatrist and SOON' kinda sick.

I gotst no more to say on the subject. It actually kinda makes me sick. Like I want to throw up in my mouth a little. Gah!

XO Kristen


  1. Never a dull moment. Relax, play with the children, and thank whomever you believe in that crazy has not come to your home... Peas

  2. There is always someone out there that insists the government knows about cures for cancer and AIDS but refuse to let the cure come out because they want to keep making money off of research or medications.

    Yeah, because we're supposed to believe that whoever discovered the cure was satisfied with the government saying "don't tell anyone and we'll give you a few million dollars". If it was you, wouldn't you then tell the government to f**k off and go off to Mexico, Canada, UK, etc. and sell it for gazillions to each of them????? Or better yet, sell it to the rich and famous who are sick at $5 million a pop? There's greed in this country and no one would allow the government to keep something like that quiet. It's kinda like those farmers who want to promote their whole fresh foods .... they'll go to any length to publize it! ;)

    I guess some people believe that what was portrayed in Iron Man is real, too. C'est la vie.

  3. Perhaps her tin foil hat is on a bit too tightly, cutting off circulation to her brain.... *insert eye roll* People never cease to amaze me...

  4. Wait... Iron Man wasn't real!? Nooooo....

    Lol, what a quack. Now, if it were her "opinion" like you said, that would be one thing... but presenting it as fact? That's ridiculous.

    I also think it's bull that people make such a HUGE deal out of your opinions. It is YOUR blog. If they don't like it... don't read it. No one knows for certain about God so who can judge. Hell, even God says your place is not to judge. People need to get a life outside of the internet and stop making huge deals out of other people's opinions. I'm sorry people sent you nasty e-mails for being yourself. That's just wrong.


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