Sunday, October 3, 2010


I realized tonight, as I was reading blogs, that as much as I talk poorly about my husband there are good memories also. Really good memories. The following pictures are a tribute to what was and would could potentially be.

I believe I was 17 or 18 here ... Our relationship was so new ...

18 or 19 here. I had gained quite a bit of weight

The oldest of all our photos. I was 16.

I thought I was so mature. Thought I knew everything.

1.5 dozen roses he gave me for my 16th birthday. Pretty classy to sit them in front of my boy band crushes posters, huh? LOL

Oh the beaches of California. How I miss you

Disneyland's California Adventure. He offered to take my sis, my mom and me for my sis' birthday
Crisito Rey in Mexico. If you count in 5 from left to right on the top, that's me and him. The rest of the people are my in-laws, nieces, nephews, great nieces, great nephews etc.
When we got back from Mexixo we had his and hers mustangs (his was the white and mine the blue)

This was the fantastic apartment that awaited us (that my grandparents had rented for us)

It was beautiful and I miss it

I no longer own ANY of these things

I do still have the white dressers and corner desk (well he does)

My bedroom was massive and I LOVED it (you can see my kitty did too - see her to the right of the window?)
Our wedding day (11-16-06) at the courthouse

Lewisville Park

Remember the nephews I told you were really close to my age. Yeah, these are them

Multnomah falls - His 32th birthday

Right after we got back from Mexico at the Ronald Reagan Library in Simi Valley, California
Valentines day - I found this on the table when I woke up
Camarillo California - at my mom's house for Christmas - decorating cookies

XO Kristen


  1. There will always be a wall of sadness I think. A tinge of bittersweet. At how it could have been, the potential, that feeling of forever you once had. Just feel it, sit with it, don't allow it to force you into anything.

  2. Just sit with it... Don't make any harsh decisions now. It took me 10 years of beating myself up inside to realize that the happy times with my ex were not the majority...


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