Wednesday, October 27, 2010


Lunch was 4tbsp hummus for 100 cals

1 sandwich thin for 100 cals

10 green grapes and 1/2 cup pineapple for approximately 75 cals

9 sea salt and cracked black pepper baked lays for 75 cals and

3 blocks semi sweetened dark chocolate for 108 cals.

For a lunch total of 458 cals

I also had a diet coke for lunch which got me thinking about soda. It's not something I am willing to take out of my diet and I don't think there is really a reason to as I have MAYBE 1 a day, its ALWAYS diet because I actually dont like the way the regular stuff tastes and it doesn't trigger cravings.

So in my family we have a definite controversy and that is Coke vs. Pepsi. For example the washintonians of my family ONLY like pepsi and will settle for coke ONLY if there are NO other options. The Californians in my family prefer coke and will choose Pepsi only in a pinch and it's the only thing available.

Someone in my family even prefers coke over pepsi because they believe that the CEO is a socialist and/or communist and therefore refuses to purchase the product.

I personally think Pepsi is VERY VERY VERY sweet even in diet form and therefore prefer coke but I don't really mind one or the other. I like my diet soda. Even diet rootbeer, diet dr. pepper, diet mtn. dew and of course fresca which is always diet (I think).

So which are you? Are you a pepsi or coke person? And why?

XO Kristen


  1. I'm a coke person, but I think it's an east coast thing, because I've never really met a pepsi person where I'm from.

    That said, if you're going to drink soda, make sure that you drink extra water to make up for it. Soda and caffeine dehydrate you a lot. That's not to say that I don't drink either. I'm trying to cut out the diet soda. Caffeine is my only vice. But if I drink coffee one day, I try to drink more water to make up for it.


  2. Diet Pepsi MAX or Tab if available ! Never gonna give them up !!

  3. Diet Pepsi. I also love diet A&W Cream Soda. Diet Dr. Pepper. Diet 7-UP. :D

    On the rare (like twice a year) occasion I actually drink a regular soda, it is Pepsi, all the way. :)

  4. Coke Zero is the only cola I like. Diet Sprite or Sierra Mist are a maybe once a month treat. When I was soda--it's Coke Zero. (hate diet coke , hate diet pepsi).

    When I drank sugary sodas up til my 20's, it was either Coke or Pepsi. I liked both fine.

  5. The diet stuff gives me a headache. Regular Pepsi (usually only one a day) is my poison of choice. Pepsi Max is quite yummy, but it gives me a headache AND makes me jumpy (jumpier?)

  6. Diet Cherry Pepsi, Vanilla Coke Zero, or Diet Rite White Grape. LOL! I don't think that really answers your question. So... WATER!! Yay!!!

  7. Neither - The only soda I'll drink is a root beer every so often. I gave up sodas over a year ago. I drink sparkling water now.

  8. Diet Pepsi all the way, but I drink one very rarely, I too gave them up...the sodium is horrid! I am a tea drinker for caffeine..I love tea, plus it counts as water on most plans!

  9. I used to only like Pepsi until most restaurants/fast food joints started serving only Coke. Now, as long as it's diet, I can have either, though I prefer the caffeine free ones. :)

  10. Diet Coke person here. And I call it soda, not pop... hee hee

  11. I dont have a clear preference. Allan menitoned Tab, thats always good and a nice flashback to my childhood since Nana always had them in the house, along with Fresca that you mentioned Kristen. I'll drink anything diet as far as taste goes, but since going low-carb try to find those sweetened with Splenda only. Latest fave is Waist Watcher Diet Chocolate Creme. That stuff rocks!


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