Sunday, October 24, 2010


My size 28 jeans that didn't even fit me until about the time I started this healthy lifestyle about 9 months ago. The black pants are a NON-PLUS SIZE Target 2X and for those of you who don't know, there is a huge difference between a PLUS SIZE 2X and a NON PLUS SIZE 2X.

Now for 101 Things About Me
I bit the logo off of SHANILIE over at LOSING OVER HALF OF ME

1. I am a California girl through and through even though I now life in the Pacific Northwest
2. I secretly wish I was Mexican (sometimes) because I love their culture
3. I LOVE Zumba because I like to shake my ass in front of people (Yep, I'm a show off)
4. I have my novel character voices in my head. Which I suppose would explain why I'm SKITZO
5. I pull my hair out one strand at a time when I'm nervous and roll it (since I was very little)
6. I once shaved my eyebrows completely off and drew them on in black pencil for over a year. I looked Asian
7. When I was in 7th grade I hooked my best friend up with my IMAGINARY cousin who lived in Alaska.
8. Then I killed him when I got tired of it cuz he was imaginary and I had that power. I gave him a fatal illness.
9. She believed me
10. I sing reggaeton in the shower
11. I once ran from the shower, butt naked, to the living room to answer an expected phone call and then ran back to the bathroom where I promptly slipped and fell HARD on my ass
12. I speak Spanish fluently.
13. I know how to cuss in Italian, Greek, Japanese, Portuguese, and French
14. I'm a very jealous person
15. I secretly love all the teeny bopper TV shows like iCarly, Victorious, Wizards of Waverly Place and Hannah Montana
16. I also LOVE LOVE LOVE cop shows. NCIS, CIS, BONES, WHITE COLLAR, MONK, LAW & ORDER and so forth and so on.
17. I wish I could be on Survivor
18. I love the smell of Zest soap and when I was pregnant with Breezy, if I had thought it would taste as good as it smelled I would have eaten it
19. I want to KILL Dora the Explorer
20. I don't mind washing and drying clothes but I HATE folding them and hanging them up
21. I don't mind cooking but I HATE doing dishes
22. I LOVE authentic Mexican food like Tostadas de Tinga, REAL chiles rellenos, REAL tacos, atole, champurrado, REAL tamales, eggs with real refried beans (not canned) and green chile.
23. I thought I wore a size 9 shoe until I turned 21 and had my foot measured. I actually wear a 7.5 or 8.
24. The biggest pants size I ever wore was size 32 and it was tight
25. I am a TWIHARD and secretly wish Edward would come to my town (it's the same state lol) and sweep me off my feet
26. I think my iPhone has actually become a 5th appendage
27. I wear Twilight Woods and Black Amethyst perfume from Bath & Body Works
28. My favorite flower is the Orchid closely followed by the Lace Tulip
29. My favorite color is baby pink. My favorite color combinations are pink and brown or pink gray and black
30. I have all four wisdom teeth but they are upside down and therefore still painful because the roots are on the surface
31. I am secretly grateful that God did not give me any boys (I LOVE MY GIRLS)
32. I love Spongebob Squarepants and pee my pants a little when I watch from laughing
33. I cannot stand people who chew with their mouth open (the only excuse for this is when you are sick and cannot breathe through your nose)
34. My boobs are different sizes (like severely)
35. I had braces for 5 years but I made them take them off for my Senior Pictures
36. When I was little we had 20 finches, 3 parakeets, upwards of 15 hamsters (4 teddy bear and 11 mini teddy bear), 3 dogs and 2 cats and numerous fish
37. The idea for my first finished novel came to me when I was 10 years old. 15 years later it's finished.
38. Other than my husband I only had one other boyfriend
39. I am the opposite of a germ-a-phobe
40. I only brush my teeth once a day. In 26 years I have only had 2 cavities
41. I admittedly wear granny panties but can't wait until I can buy sexy little numbers from Victoria's Secret and raunchy little numbers from Frederick's of Hollywood
42. I miss the freakishness that was Santa Monica Boulevard in Santa Monica with the street performers, the working girls, the punks and transvestites and other crazies and going there every weekend (sigh)
43. I love the movie Pretty Woman and wanted to be Julia Roberts for the longest time
44. I used to love horror movies as a teen ... not anymore.
45. My favorite cartoons ever are Duck Tales, Gummi Bears, ChipNDale Rescue Rangers, Bonkers, Darkwing Duck, and the normal after school line-up that they don't even bother to show anymore.
46. I love cats
47. I missed half of my sophomore year of high school because my bronchial asthma was misdiagnosed as pleurisy and other nonsensical issues with my lungs and was thus prescripted medicine that only made my asthma worse. It took an asthma attack and a blue faced trip to the emergency room to find out it was 'just asthma'.
48. I was given an epidural with Buzzy. One numbing poke. One big needle and DONE
49. I was given a spinal with Breezy. 25 numbing pokes. 25 other needles of varying sizes and only after 1.5 hours and the 25th needle was my spinal block FINALLY in place.
50. I have permanent unbearable pain where my spinal was placed whenever any pressure is put there
51. I can turn my feet backwards
52. I can curl my tongue into a three leaf clover
53. I LOVE dark chocolate
54. I am a magic eraser freak (the Mr. Clean kind . . . not the kiddie kind)
55. I can be ticklish or not ticklish. I can turn it on and off. Lucky me!
56. I have a third boob. Well, at least a place where one was supposed to grow. I guess the correct way to say it is that I have an undeveloped third areola (the dark part of a boob)
57. My favorite ice cream is coffee heathbar crunch followed closely by chocolate.
58. Among my favorite veggies are broccoli, artichoke, and butternut squash
59. I love having acrylic nails but rarely actually get them
60. I shave my toes, my knuckles and my upper lip
61. I don't feel 26 years old. I still feel 18.
62. I get abthyst ulcers on my tongue sometimes and it looks like a butcher took his knife to my tongue
63. I am allergic to cinnamon gum and cinnamon candies (but not real cinnamon?) which causes said abthyst ulcers
64. I am not allergic to any medications but my entire family says we are allergic to penicillin (sp?) because the only person in our family whoever took it died within minutes
65. I am the oldest of 5 children. Me and my sister from my mom and my two brothers and sister from my dad
66. My youngest sister is only 5 years older than Buzzy
67. Buzzy and Breezy have never met my dad or any of their aunts an uncle's except my sister who lives with us. (They have 8 aunts and 9 uncles total)
68. My girls' oldest uncle is only 5 years younger than their great grandpa. Mind BOGGLING!!
69. My grandfather is 30 years younger than my father-in-law
70. I have a very sarcastic sense of humor
71. I am a moderate republican
72. I am anti-abortion
73. I DO NOT HATE people for their choices, but I DO BELIEVE many people make BAD/WRONG  choices (including myself)
74. I find it comical that our president was publicly called a monkey
75. I sometimes think I am going to go crazy if my children don't stop talking/whining for 10 seconds.
76. I believe in a loose version of the idea 'children should be seen and not heard'. There are definitely situations where this applies and certainly others where it does not
77. I can type 77wpm - no errors - when I try
78. I love Nips candies
79. I  CANNOT wiggle my ears
80. I CAN raise both eyebrows independently of each other
81. I wish I could tie a cherry stem with my tongue (my mom can)
82. I have a lot of areys in my family. Carey, Gary, Mary, Terri,
83. My middle name is Breanne
84. My maiden name was Tint - yup - TINT
85. My dad paid my mom when she got pregnant with me to have an abortion (I don't think he knows I know that)
86. My grandparents told me mom if she wasn't going to keep me they were going to adopt me
87. They have always treated me as their third and youngest daughter
88. My grandparents were 35 and 36 respectively when I was born
89. My great great grandmother (who everyone says I am the spitting image of) was alive until I turned 2.
90. Until the last 5 years of my life (when I have lived in Washington) I used to go to Disneyland 2X every year of my life. I miss that.
91. My grandfather used to work for Disney Studios and created Peter Pans shadows in the Peter Pan ride
92. My great grandfather helped create the original KING KONG
93. My late great aunt Kathy was a hairdresser to the stars and I have autographs from actors as early as Lucille Ball, Dick Van Dyke, Jerry Van Dyke and Mary Tyler Moore as well as more recent actors who I am not as impressed with
94. Despite my weight I can bend myself into pretzel shapes, pulling my legs over my head, reaching well past my toes both sitting and standing and I can almost do the splits
95. I can feel my hip bones when I lie on my side. I cannot wait until I can feel them regardless of how I am laying/standing
96. I hate sports although I don't mind watching them every once in a while
97. I have been told I have more hair on my head than three adult women combined
98. As a teen I used to shave my ENTIRE BODY
99. Once upon a time after Breezy was born I was interested in getting an elective hysterectomy
100. I am now grateful I didn't do it.
101. I am thinking someday I may want a third or even fourth baby (siiigh)
XO Kristen


  1. Omg...I think you're my blog soul mate. With the exception of a handful of these I could have written this list, including #85.

  2. I loved this post...and OMG--coffee heath bar crunch has got to be my fave ice cream flavor EVAH!


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