Monday, October 18, 2010


In our family when someone sees things that don’t really exist or aren’t really there, we call that ‘seeing dragons’.

I have been ‘seeing lots of dragons’ lately and as far as I know I'm not really (really really) crazy . . . (?) When I’m driving I see shadows, people, dogs, cats, animals etc, in the street, that aren’t really there.

I could have sworn the other day as I drove down a back road that a small boy started to jump out in the street just before I drove by -- but when I blinked there was nothing and no one there. Just a strangely bent tree hanging toward the road that was oddly colored … like the color and height of a small dark skinned boy.

Okay, so I imagine you are thinking WHAT THE HELL IS THIS GIRL SMOKING? And honest to God sometimes I think my family and/or my husband puts stuff in my food or drink because I have never, nor will I ever use anything -- NOTHING -- let alone something that could cause me to see what I see.
So, I have to blame it on fatigue. I go to sleep somewhere between 10-midnight (usually the latter) and sleep (if you can really call it sleep between all the pee trips, the bottle refills and the night terrors * mine and the girls’ *) until roughly 6-7:30 in the morning. Total, I think I get roughly five (MAYBE six on a good day) hours total -deep- sleep.
Now, for someone who has the leisure of taking an hour nap during the day, or who doesn’t really expend much energy that may not be a big deal. But with a 2 year old and a 1 year old, running here and there and everywhere and ‘mama get me this’ and ‘mama I’m hungry’ and ‘mama, mama mama’ every ten seconds and getting up and going here and there and everywhere to change diapers, change clothes, get this or that and of course doesn’t even include household chores like laundry and dishes and cleaning up messes etc. On top of that I have my mom who (God bless her soul) is a neat-freak and neurotic about the strangest things and has me hopping. And as if that weren’t enough I then have my husband who likes to text non-stop (and I mean literally NON-STOP all day) and if there is a break he wonders where I have gone and why. Then on Tuesdays and sometimes Thursdays I get a whole hour to myself to go Zumba where I expend so much energy that I think I have some kind of energy deficit. Can you go into the negative of an energy equation and still be awake?
I guess that would explain my ‘dragons’. I just pray that one day I don't assume I'm imagining things and have it really be something . . . YIKES! 
Oh and speaking of dragons (but this time the fictional fire breathing kind) – I saw ‘How to Train Your Dragon’ for the first time last night and it was really really cute!
I want a toothless!!!
Okay, I’m tired. I have much to say on the weight loss front. HIGH STRESS! Like off the charts this past week. Not an excuse but, hey, I’m human. More to come on that . . .
XO Kristen


  1. I do that too...mostly cause I have crappy eyesight and bushes turn into animals if it's windy.
    not fun.
    maybe you need glasses.
    Have a good night.
    And how to train your dragon was a cute little movie.

  2. Are ya sure that the Mexican is not cooking those happy brownies and slipping them in somewhere ? Viya con Dios !!

  3. I love that and, more than anything, love the family -talk we all create to further strengthen our little familial bonds.

    It sounds silly but those sorts of things are my faves as a mom.


  4. It happens. I go through that when I don't sleep enough.


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