Thursday, October 28, 2010


So, in March I showed you all some photos of me stretching. I thought I'd do some comparison photos. The first photos will be March photos, taken approximately 3 months into my healthy lifestyle change. The photos of me in th gray t-shirt are the ones I took last night.
My legs could totally go further but my sister's room didn't exactly allow for it what with furniture and stupid walls in the way. LOL Oh and don't I look so pretty! Haha!

I can spread my legs a little bit wider but my sister's room still doesn't allow for as wide as I can go.

My thighs and hips were hurting from doing this so much tonight so I decided not to pull something for the sake of a picture and show you all that my feet can go 'pretty far' in

Because my legs still look fat you can't really tell but I can pull my feet in closer and my knees touch the ground better

Please excuse the LARGE BILLOWING GREEN MOOMOO that is my T-shirt. I bought it at the mens Big & Tall size 4x for when I was pregnant and it all but consumes me now. I have it pulled to my back in the photos (except for this one) so you can see me better

My sister actually got the full shot this time LOL

Neat trick huh? My sister said I looked deranged.
Yeah, I spose I do

This position is actually MUCH MUCH MORE comfortable now. Before I had to lean into my foot a bit, now my foot just goes right up. LOL

Blurry shot but you get the idea. Mama got some short legs LOL

Nothing really to say here except this is easier too cuz my belly isn't in the way

I have to say that I could fall asleep like this. It is SUCH a comfortable position

Breakfast was exactly the same as yesterday. "Silly drink and all"
*ALTHOUGH I ordered a tall instead a of a grande so that was 170 cals instead of 220 and my cheese on my sandwhich this morning was 110 cals instead of 80 because we ran out of kraft singles and I had to use real 'block' cheese which isn't with reduced fat milk ((sigh)) regardless my meal still came to 460 cals and I am MORE than satisfied.

XO Kristen


  1. WOW! I wish I was hal that flexible Great improvements!

  2. You can really see a difference in your weight in these pictures. It's so obvious you've lost quite a bit of weight since March.

  3. I wish I had thought to take these photos, I can now paint my own toe nails and kiss my knee. And who looks awesome? YOU DO!


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