Thursday, October 28, 2010


So, I get a lot of people commenting and e-mailing me that they see that I do this 'exercise' called 'zumba' and they can't believe I burn 'so many calories' in 'only an hour'. 

The simple explanation of Zumba is a form of aerobic dance that is taught by only licensed instructors, but can be bought on DVD and soon will be making an appearance in game stores for Xbox and Wii Fit. The dance involves latin rhythms such as salsa, merengue, cumbia, flamenco, quebradita as well as reggaeton, African, samba, belly dancing and so many more . . which you follow. It is amazingly fun, amazingly aerobic and the time goes AMAZINGLY fast! Oh yeah, and after you get over the self-consciousness it makes you feel extremely SEXY!

Unfortunately my favorite instructor, Kim, does not post her Zumba workouts on Youtube but some other really awesome Zumba instructors who have her style do and I will post a couple here so you can get an idea. If you want to take Zumba (in my opinion) you definitely have to like the style of the instructor otherwise it just isn't as fun as it could be.



So, now you get the idea.

Tonight while in class I couldn't see Kim and so I decided to move from the back of the class (where I always am) to the very very front. Not only could I see her better but apparently she saw me too because after class she was telling me that I have 'some serious moves' and that she hadn't seen them before cuz I was hiding in the back of the room. Haha! That made me feel good.

Well, that's all for tonight folks. Survivor has been DVR'd and is waiting for me.

Please pray for both my little ones. Breezy has hit her head on more things today, including the wall and my grandma's very bony knee and she has a nice big purple goose egg on her forehead. On the other hand Buzzy has either a cold or some serious side effects from her immunizations that mimic a cold. Runny nose, dry cough and 101 fever. Poor baby. Please pray Breezy is able to be accident free for a while so she doesn't give herself a concussion and that Buzzy gets well soon! Thank you!

Now go sign up for Zumba! I can almost guarantee you'll wonder why it took you so long to do it!!

XO Kristen


  1. I have a Zumba DVD on my queue on Netflix. I figure I can try it out once it starts to rain in my part of town.

  2. I have some bum knees from a couple decades of being badly to morbidly obese, so I'd try this only after I get under 200 lbs and get some weight off my knees.

    BUT..this looks a lot like, well, our old family celebrations. hahaha. Plus what I did back when I was normalish weight and exercised at home (when I didn't do yoga moves culled from magazines and calisthenics with the tv trainers). I used to just put on Latin music with great rhythms--rumba, guaracha/salsa, merengue--and dance up a storm in the living room (after moving furniture out of the way). Was my fave form of exercise--latin dancing.

    I remember when this was discussed on a forum I read last year, and some people wearing calorie monitors (ie, BodyBugg and such) were burning from the 300 calories plus per hour up to 800 per hour (and I assume this depends on the pace, the more accelerated and the bigger the movements, the more calories).

    I used to be seriously out of breath and sweaty after one of my "home" Zumba-like sessions (before I blew out my knee), so I do understand how fun this is.

    We're getting older in the family, so we don't dance like mad like we used to--though my brother is always the first one to put on a merengue or something and get things started, cause he's a dancing fool- but maybe we should get back to it, even if we're old farts. For our health. :)


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