Tuesday, October 12, 2010


At Zumba tonight I was told that I looked like I've lost inches.

"Look at you, you're looking really good!"

"Look how you're shirt is just hanging on you - and down to your knees." - Not really, she was exaggerating

"You can totally see it in your belly and your shoulders and your face."

"You have such a cute little chin!"


I Zumba'd my ass off. It felt so good. I LOVE ZUMBA. So much in fact that when I reach 199 I am thinking of taking the 1 day instructor course and then of course working my ass off to 150 so I can become a full time instructor. I want to teach basic Zumba classes (the most common ones) and Atomic Zumba, which is for kiddos.

That said, tomorrow is my birthday. Whoop-de-friggin-doo. LOL I am actually happy though because that means time spent with love ones. I will be 26. 26 on 10/13/10 = 26 --- Maybe only my sister will get this but the symmetry of those numbers is awesome. 13+13=26. I know. I'm a freak! No news to me.

I am going to attempt to be good tomorrow but regardless of what ACTUALLY happens, on Thursday I am starting a more -ALLAN-IZED diet. I have kept my calories around 1200-1500 but every once in a while they go up a couple hundred and I just don't like the trend sooooo - I am stopping that! Starting Thursday I will eat no more than 1200 calories a day with an aim at 900-1000. NO DIET BASHING PEOPLE. I KNOW ABOUT SLOWING MY METABOLISM. I KNOW ABOUT SETTING OFF STARVATION ALARMS. YADA YADA BLAH BLAH. I know it all and I'm still gonna do it. SO HELP ME GOD! Please help me God!

Doing Allan's math - if I weigh 270 right now that means I require 20790 calories a week to maintain my weight. In order to lose 2lbs a week at this weight I need to eat 7000 calories less than that (each pound is 3500 calories) which brings me to 13790. If I want to lose 3lbs a week I need to eat 10290 which comes to about 1470 calories a day. Now if I cut that even further and without any leeway (like I was giving myself) stay between 900-1200 calories a day I could potentially lose 4+ lbs a week. To start with at first. Obviously the weight loss will slow down as my weight goes down but I am really liking those numbers.

In  June of 2011 I am thinking of going to Mexico for a vacation. That gives me approximately 33 weeks to get at least close to goal (between 130-150) as I can. 2lbs a week for 33 weeks would bring me to 204lbs. 3lbs a week would bring me to 171 and if I start out losing 4lbs a week the possibilities are endless.

Aside from wanting to be a (hot) Zumba instructor I have a few other motivations going for me that are quite a bit less respectable. I'm tossing around whether I really want to divulge how self absorbed I really am. (You have NO idea)

On that note I am off to stretch my aching legs. Oh but they ache sooo good!

XO Kristen

PS - I deleted 12 blogs off my blogroll last night who hadn't updated in more than 3 weeks. That's my cutoff. If you don't post within 3 weeks I unfollow - no offense, just keeps my blogroll up to date and uncluttered. I did feel bad deleting SOOO many blogs though so if you're still out there and blogging and want to me on my blogroll but can't find yours, message me or comment on this post and I'll be sure to re-follow you. XO

PPS - I just saw that someone found my blog by googling 'Noodle Booty' . . . There are no words . . .


  1. Happy Birthday!!! :)

  2. Happy Birthday, Noodle Booty!

    Noodle Booty... Bwahahahaha!

    Sorry, sometimes I am twelve.

  3. Hi!! I'm a new follower on a weight loss journey as well. I really want to try zumba, but really I have no rhythm and I don't want to make a fool of myself.

  4. I am trying to picture someone with a 'noodle booty' and I cannot stop laughing... Time for me to go to bed!

    Happy birthday!!

  5. I'm trying to figure out what a noodle booty is :)

    Happy Birthday!

  6. Happy Birthday. I found this online this morning, authored by 4 Doctors that know more than all of us combined...

    MYTH: Eating a diet that is too low in calories will cause the body to go into starvation mode and not burn any calories

    FACT: Severely cutting calories will cause the metabolism to adjust slightly, but not enough to prevent fat loss

    Remember that people around the world who truly die of starvation are not overweight when they expire. It's true that when you severely cut calories your metabolism will make a slight adjustment, allowing your body to run on fewer calories—but it's not a large compensation. If you need to lose weight and you are not, eat less and/or move more and forget about slowing your metabolism.

    Read more: http://www.articlesbase.com/health-articles/the-truth-about-starvation-mode-fast-metabolisms-983959.html#ixzz12End2GST
    Under Creative Commons License: Attribution

  7. Happy Birthday! I hope that it is a joyous one!!

  8. Happy Birthday!!!! I don't know if I could do 1000 calories a day so good luck!!! I try to keep mine around 1400 or so and I walk 5 days a week.

  9. Happy Birthday! Great job on the inches lost!

  10. Happy Birthday! Good luck on your new diet!

  11. Happy Birthday and much luck on the new plan!


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