Monday, November 8, 2010


The scale damage was +9lbs. Yeah, well, that'll be gone real soon what with all this water.

Food today?

6 egg whites
Coffee w/ cream
1 banana
1/2 cup green grapes
1 square of ghiradelli chocolate
restaurant tortilla chips
refried beans
spanish rice
shrimp tacos with cajun slaw

Water intake? 

Not even close to goal but getting there.

I believe I am due 139ish ounces

I drank approximately 98.7 ounces and am currently nursing 99.7-115.6

Something that helps me to drink plain water - I chew gum while I drink really cold water. It not only gives the water flavor but the really cold temp of the water rejuvenates the flavor of the gum. Kinda interesting.

I definitely used the bathroom a lot today. Or I should say I NEEDED to use it a lot today. Facilities were only available several times and so instead of frequent trips I made less frequent LOOONG trips. I cannot say I have ever peed for 35 seconds straight. I mean seriously. Count 35 seconds and imagine peeing for that long. HOLY CRAP THAT WAS A LOT OF PEE.

And moving promptly onto PAIN. Oh the PAIN. I cannot even adequately describe it.

At the mall today there was a new kiosk dead center that said eyebrow beautification. Well, I have been in dire need of a wax for a little while now so I decided to see what this place was all about.

So, I walked up to the girl who I believe is of Indian descent and I CANNOT understand much of ANYTHING she is saying. I ask her what it entails and what it costs but all I get is that it costs $15 which sounds reasonable so I sit down in the chair.

I close my eyes and I feel her brushing against my eyebrows. Okay, I think she's brushing them to see the damage and to trim them (normal waxing protocol) but then I feel something slice into my skin.

WHAT ARE YOU DOING? My eyes burst open at the hideous pain and I nearly bolt out of my chair.

'Threading your eyebrows' - How is it now I understand EVERY WORD she says.

T.H.R.E.A.D.I.N.G.M.Y.E.Y.E.B.R.O.W.S ??? WTF??? Where's the hot wax?

So, now a bit suspicious and super wary I keep my eyes open and as I watch these threads move over my face it feels as though small knives are hacking their way around my eyes. I wanted to scratch the lady's eyes out. Then she tells me I have to hold my own skin tight and I nearly lost it.

Another customer came by while I was having my 'eyebrows threaded' and asked me if I had had my eyebrows waxed before and to compare the pain. I said waxing was super tolerable and this was a ridiculous pain. She chose to do it anyway and from the grimace on her face when I was done I assumed she regretted it.

I WILL NEVER HAVE MY EYEBROWS THREADED AGAIN. Even though they look nice. They look just as nice when they're waxed.

Onto to day 2 tomorrow.

XO Kristen


  1. Wow, I never knew it was painful to have that done!

  2. i always wondered about threading.. think I will skip it.. i had a indian lady at Ulta who wanted me to do it.. I think I will stick to the old fashioned waxing at least I know what they feels like :-)

  3. I was a long time wax person. Eyebrows, upper lip and chin. I am now a thread person! Believe it or not! It does hurt a little more then waxing but I think it is more sanitary and it seems to be more effective then waxing as far as the regrowth.

    BTW, Kristen, I think you look like the gal on the AT&T Commercial for U-Verse. She is watching a show while riding a subway - have you seen it? Every time I see that commercial, I think of you!


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