Wednesday, November 17, 2010


Both my laptop and my netbook decided they wanted to crash so I pulled out my OOOLLLDDEERR than the hills laptop that is missing the A key and the Caps key (obviously they still work but it is super frustrating because I have to push the key super hard to get it to work which puts a cramp in my typing) Anyway, I'm finally back online. Whoop!!


Read This Blog's most recent posts and their comments.

I honestly cannot believe that some of these people are adults. Seriously?!?!

I've never heard more petty, whiny, needy complainers. And not even about legitimate life events. No, it's all about blogland and bloggers. GEEEZZUZZZZ PEOPLE!! If you don't get enough comments; write more interesting posts. If you don't like a "certain blogger" or what that "certain blogger" (Yeah, hi people there's no secret that it's Allan so stop being chicken shit and just say what you mean and mean what you say) has to say (like I am sure many will feel about this post) DON'T READ. If you have a problem with someone such as "Mr. Certain Blogger"; tell them. Perhaps ask that they stop talking about you. Hey, sounds kinda flippin' easy doesn't it? GOD!!! If you don't make an effort to fix something don't complain about it. Don't pussy foot and bullshit and gossip on other people's blogs and hide by anonymous titles. That's just ridiculous and immature. But hey - just my opinion.

Zumba Fitness for Wii comes out tomorrow. My copy is already prepaid. Whoop whoop!!

Oh and for the person who asked: No, I am not now nor would I ever consider weight loss surgery. I have nothing against it or the people who choose it, but that isn't for me.

XO Kristen


  1. I rarely if ever comment on others comments. I dislike talking to talk. I don't want any doctors cutting into me if I can avoid it. And the touchpad on my computer is complete crap and sometimes accidentally erases entire comments.
    comment comment.
    I have commented.
    Do you feel supported?
    love you, love your already know this.
    have a good night.

  2. A little confused about Chunky ? Which way is she leaning ? Hates me, loves me, believes I have a right to voice my opinion ? Hmmm ?

  3. Mostly, I've noticed that those who screw up in their weight loss efforts and want the "Ay bendito" are the ones who see Allan's approach as "cyber bullying". If they were honest with themselves, they'd see he's right about what he says ... stop making excuses. I guess many out there just want the pat on the back saying "don't worry, it's okay that you had 2 quarter pounders, a large fries and a chocolate milkshake; you'll get back on track soon!" Please! That's what's kept me so friggin' obese for so long!!

    I don't like watching Survivor so when it comes on TV I just change the channel. So easy to do, even on the internet! ;)

  4. If this were Facebook, I'd "like" this post! I don't have enough time to comment just for the sake of commenting most days. I spend enough time on the computer, and my ass, as it is. I try to squeeze all mine in while at work forthat reason. People love having a reason to complain. If I don't like something, I don't read it. Simple enough, but blaming others is easier I guess. Excuses are what got us fat in the first place though IMO.

    And sorry about your computer!!!

  5. Please please please post a review about the Wii Zumba soon!!! I'm interested in it, but I don't want to shell out the money if it's a flop!

  6. ^^ loves both my pumpkin heads Allan and Kristen <3

  7. Dude, people just don't like to be called out and told shit that they know is the truth. Oversensitive if you ask me. As you stated, we're all effing adults. Grow the eff up and take it like a man, I say. Great post, Kristen!

  8. Looking forward to hearing your review on the Zumba for Wii. I pre-ordered it too! So excited!

  9. Welcome back, Baby!

    I think that particular poster has serious emotional damage (from childhood, from abusive ex) so she is particularly sensitive to what is critical and blunt. She's not happy with her last longterm dude, either. Maybe she gravitates toward unloving/abusive types. Maybe Allan pushes buttons due to his "I kowtow to no one and do my own thing and FU if you don't like it" attitude.

    Me, I like that he's completely himself, even when it's not popular. I am very often that myself, and so I get called "blunt" and "too honest". And yet, I do strive to be tactful when I sense someone is really damaged/sensitive. Or I avoid them, cause sometimes, oversensitive people get on my fricken last nerve. Tiptoeing around takes too much energy some days.

    I don't care if people get gastric bypass, the band, eat a sponge, whatever works for them, as long as they realize there are always consequences. I suspect a lot of banders will have to be DE-banded within a few years. The body sometimes doesn't like stuff in there interfering. When I was researching the band for myself (yes, I was tempted once), I read about too many regains and too many erosions/GERD complications requiring removal. So, my thinking is that people should take full advantage of the band while it's new and working well, learn to eat less, develop the habit of eating slowly and chewing well so they have NEW eating HABITS when the band comes off. Cause it will likely have to come off. And then what? When the crutch is gone, then what? And I don't say crutch in a mean or condescending way. I mean that banders lean on it, rely on it, can't "walk the diet" without support from the band. YOu still have to learn to eat differently, and I see an awful lot of banders cheating the band, which means when it comes off, the weight will come back.

    This blogger is someone who needs a protected online space (moderated forums) and needs to stay far away from regular open blogs and forums. They are too sensitive to deal with the blunt and debate-ready and aggressive. Fragile souls need to have their walls, so yeah, they need to unfollow and guard and stay in confined, moderated spaces for peace of mind.

  10. Like, Like, Like!

    I am fat. I eat less. I lose weight.

    Allan is fat. He eats less. He loses weight.

    Allan is right.
    He uses math.
    You simply cannot argue with math.
    Math is ALWAYS right.

  11. Thanks Kristen for posting that item, I can't believe these people too, why can't they make the choice not to read his blog! I love the blog and love the harsness of the truth as no one else can tell it that's for sure. Someone with balls :) I think I have found a new freind in you too.......

  12. Once again I reiterate that it isn't Mr. Klein's opinions that upset me, it is the outright lies he has told about me on his blog. Sometimes in his attempt to over-exaggerate for humor's sake he has crossed the line into untruths. By belittling people and putting himself upon a pedestal he has opened himself and his blog up to such attacks.

    Now, I will say that for the most part he has really cleaned up his act as far as hurting others and seems to have really turned over a new leaf to help others and be more positive. People hold grudges and forgiveness is difficult, though, especially when apologies are so difficult to give.

    I agree that anonymous posts and comments are cowardly. Then again, *anything* we read on the internet has to be taken with a grain of salt, especially if it's on a blog. Keep in mind that just because something is said loudly or has a lot of expletives, doesn't mean it's true.


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