Thursday, November 18, 2010


So, let me tell you first I am not a fan of the store GAME STOP. The people that work there are rude and holier than thou and I really just don't appreciate their attitudes in general. Today they solidified my hatred. I prepaid for my Zumba Fitness **FOR WII** (Because for some unknown reason they always assume PS3?) about a week or so ago. I wanted it the moment it came out.

Today was the day. Today I would have my Zumba Fitness for Wii right here in my house. So first thing this morning I called GAME STOP where I had pre-ordered my game and I talked to a gentleman whose name I didn't ask. This was our basic conversation:

Him: Thank you for calling Game Stop **insert cheesey pitch about trading in old games for new games yada yada*

Me: Hi, I pre-ordered Zumba Fitness for Wii about a week ago and wanted to make sure you guys set aside my copy so I could come get it today.

Him: Oh sure. What's your name?

Me: Kristen

Him: Is that with a K or a C?

Me: K

Him: Allrighty, I'll go get your copy outta the back and it'll be at the front desk.

Me: Thanks. By the way how many copies did you guys receive in your shipment.

Him: Eight. Is there anything else?

Me: (slightly appalled at his abruptness) No.

On his end: CLICK

So I bundled up Breezy and Buzzy and took them out in this 40 - hovering around 39 degree weather to get my Zumba. After 20 mins in the car, Breezy falling asleep, having to wake her up and make a mad dash from the car into the mall in some kind of torrential downpour we finally arrived at Game Stop.

There were a few people I thought were in line but they weren't. They were actually having issues with products and/or waiting for the general manager to call back. Should have known right then and there that when more than 2 people are hanging out in the store with issues that it's time to turn around and walk out.

Buuutttt silly me, I say to the guy the same shpeal I told the guy on the phone and he whips out a Zumba Fitness for PS3. I say no, I ordered one for Wii. He says oh and starts scrambling around. I stood there for 15 minutes while 2 guys and one manager girl scurried from the back of the store to the front trying to find my copy. Then the girl told one of the guys to give me a refund while she called another store.

You see come to find out, the idiot who took my name (or did he?) didn't save my copy. They sold ALL 8 copies that they had received and the kicker??? The girl says to me after calling a store nearly 30 miles away that she could have another copy there within the week. UMM!! NOOO!! Number 1, you shouldn't have sold my pre-paid copy and number 2, within a week? I could drive the 30 miles to get it today!! So, I basically told her to give me my money and shove her game where the sun don't shine and that I would be buying my copy from another more reputable retailer. I swear I heard her whisper, 'Fat Bitch,' as I left with my girls in tow.

I did end up buying my copy from Best Buy who actually did save a copy for me (they only had 2) when I called and asked them to. Onto the review . . .

PRICE: The retail price was $39.99 plus tax where tax applies (cuz if I'd traveled the 30 miles into Oregon, they have no sales tax. LOL) I would say considering it comes with a belt for your Wii remote and other exercise games are in the $50 range than it is a pretty fair price.

VISUAL QUALITY: I was not too fond of the visual quality. While not grainy it isn't always clear what
 the instructor is doing although assuming you do the workouts on a regular basis, once you figure out the move it becomes second nature.

AUDIO QUALITY: When it comes to Zumba I like a huge variation in music, from traditional Latin music to reggaeton to hip hop and really anything with a good beat. This game focuses more on the traditional music and while I love it, I would have preferred a bit more up-to-date music. Maybe in advanced levels that I have yet to unlock.

EASE OF USE: The beginner dance moves are more like beginner dance moves for someone who has already experienced Zumba before. I think someone who has never experienced it before may feel a bit overwhelmed although there is a tutorial that will teach you individual steps. My biggest issue was that I like to do exactly what the instructor does and there are a lot of foot pivots which is extremely hard to do on carpet whether you are wearing shoes or barefoot. For anyone who has hard floor, this is the game for you.

PROS: Definitely follows traditional Zumba moves - music - and works you out like nobodies business if you allow yourself to work out like nobodies business. Easy setup. Easy to follow. You can set a manual schedule or have the game set an exercise schedule for you. You can choose the duration of your workouts.

CONS: I don't like the hip belt that holds the remote. It doesn't fit around my big ol hips and on my waist it slides around uncomfortably so I ended up holding the Wii remote which actually gave me a better score. It's difficult sometimes to see the moves the instructor is doing because of the fluorescent colors used. You can't get new dances until you unlock them and if you SUCK, God only know when that will be. Haha.

WOULD I SUGGEST IT: I would suggest it for someone who likes to compete against themselves and reach and unlock new levels. For anyone who just wants to follow an instructor like you do in Zumba class only in the comfort of your own home, I would probably be more likely to suggest the Zumba full collection from the Zumba website. It's only $20 - some odd dollars more and you get a lot more dance time.

Thas all for now folks!

Get your Zumba on!!

XO Kristen


  1. What a truly incompetent bunch of idiots. Stuff like that really irritates me because of the sheer inconvenience of heading out over half an hour only to be told the thing they said was there, is definitely NOT there. Then they give you a later date as if they're actually doing you a favour, and all you can think is 'I didn't want it then or a week later, I wanted it TOday, hence why I rang in advance to check'.

    Bless you, the rigmarole you have to go through sometimes. They should have given it to you for free.

  2. I can't stand Game Stop.

    Thanks for the review. I have been thinking about getting this. Maybe I'll try the DVDs first.

  3. Not every GameStop is like that, as my fiancee is a complete gamer so I get to deal with them a lot. The GameStop near us is very friendly, and actually pulls the correct games when you ask them to. I would recommend putting in a complaint at that GameStop, so that the manager can actually deal with the idiots who work there.

  4. Good review!!
    There are 2 Gamestops right near to where we live, and having a son and husband who are gamer freaks, we have a lot of experience with them. We will AVOID at all costs one of those locations while the other one is surprisingly good, with helpful kind employees. One of my pet peeves--and the BIGGEST pet peeve I have is bad customer service. If I were you, Id call and ask for the Regional Manager's name and number to complain about first what happened with your prepaid copy but MOSTLY about the "fat bitch" comment you thought you heard whispered. Im sure they'd be interested to hear how you were treated, especially after the store failed to make a sale that you prepaid for.
    Hope you're having a good Friday!

  5. I have to agree that each GameStop is different. The one that is in the mall we frequent isn't all that great. You basically get ignored there. There is one that is standalone in a parking lot near our house that is phenomenal. We are in it all the time. We just got a pre-order in, and had no problems (we ordered it 4 months ago, too!)

    I'm sorry to hear you had such a crappy experience with them. I guess that's one of the problems with franchised stores.

    Thanks for the review...I'll probably pass on buying the game unless it goes on super cheap clearance somewhere for $10-20

  6. Wow! I have never visited Game Stop and after reading your post I don't think I ever will. Great review on the game...but its still too expensive for me right now. Great post!

  7. We're Best Buy people too. My husband has the kinect hidden in the closet somewhere for Christmas and asked if I wanted the Zumba game for it. I watched the demo, and I think I'm going to skip it after reading your review too. I already have the DVD set, so it seems silly. Thanks for the info!!

  8. Ok, I am going to come out of lurkdom! I am not really a fan of GS either. The only reason we go there is b/c my BF has a friend that works there and he usually makes sure we are taken care of. I just sold my Wii, and he is selling his Xbox because we would like to get a PS3. We are trying to simplify life and get rid of some of these gadgets. With the PS3 we can play dvds and use Netfilx and Hulu through it. Good for us, since we are eliminating cable.

    Anywho, great review. I have to hand it to you, I have stayed away from Zumba as I have no coordination to speak of. I did try the DVD once and have a few of them on my PC. But, after one session I gave up. If I get too frustrated I know I won't do it. I stick to easy things like Yoga and Walk Away the Pounds.

    So, congrats for 1) sticking with Zumba, making it work for you and 2)standing up to GS and making sure you get the customer service you deserve!!


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