Sunday, December 5, 2010


Good day all around today until I burned my daughter's burgers to hockey pucks and had to resort to lunch meats and cheese for dinner. Hmmf.

Breakfast : Raisin cinnamon bagel with 2 tbsp cream cheese + coffee and creamer

Lunch: Stouffers macaroni and beef

Dinner: Stouffer's roast beef and cheddar sub

Unintentional snack: half a pack of Buzzy's spongebob fruit chews

Water intake: *smirk* way and far above 256fl oz but I stopped counting after I finished the 2nd gallon.

Total calories consumed: 1280


84 jumping jacks
And I plan on doing some squats and pushups when girlies are in bed and asleep.

Good day indeed!

Now, onto the blog drama.

I received an e-mail today. From whom I don't know. The e-mail address was When I responded to the e-mail I got a pop back e-mail saying the e-mail was undeliverable which tells me the address wasn't real.

The content of the e-mail? DRAMA!

And the drama wasn't even directed at me.

It was directed at another blogger. Another blogger who I don't need to call out either.

I so don't need the drama people!

If you read my blog and like me, FINE!

If something bugs you that I say, FINE!

But don't e-mail me with your issues, projecting them on me as if they are my issues too and expect me to gossip and hash out a bunch of crap! I don't need that. I don't want that. And frankly, I highly DISRESPECT people who do do that. So if you are my mystery e-mailer, don't e-mail me again. I don't agree with the things you said, or the intention behind the things you said and I definitely will not say what you thought I should say on said 'other blogger's blog'!


Ok then.

Until tomorrow.

XO Kristen


  1. That's not blog drama, it sounds like it was someone fishing for drama or trying to stir some up but it didn't get to become drama.

  2. sounds like a pr*ck to me...ugh.
    Do people not have anything to do...I can barely get on here most days let alone come up with aliases or whatever and send encrypted messages.
    cripes. get a life people..find for one...whatever.

  3. Good for you, losing wieght is dramtic enough without people spewing non-stop rotten-ness all over each other. Congrats on the water, I'm about halfway through mine for the day, feels like I'm floating...

  4. Just focus on what you wanna accomplish, and you'll be golden.


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