Thursday, December 30, 2010


I think my body knows the shock it is about to go through as 1/1/11 (I love that number) rolls around. It is onto my plan of approximately 1200 calories 24/7 (900 min and 1500 max) for the amount of time it takes me to reach my goals.

Starting on Sunday I woke up with violently painful stomach spasms that turned into 4 even more violent vomit fests in the bathroom. It felt as though someone was stabbing me through the stomach straight through my spine. No fun!! The pain and the vomit only lasted until 2pm (approx. 5 hours but felt like an eternity) but things were better. 100% better.

Monday was fine. Everything was normal.

Tuesday rolls around and everything is fine until after Papa's famous meatloaf for dinner. I should have known something was coming for me as I walked into the house and the meatloaf smelled like Chili. I ate it. A little (okay ALOT) too moist for my taste but the actual flavor was good so I ate it. Come 8pm (2 hours later) I am in the bathroom again with horrible stomach pain, and now vomit AND diarrhea! (Sorry for the TMI)

The entire night was spent in a fit of trembling chills, sweating, rushing to the bathroom, only to climb back into bed and fall asleep sitting up and rocking beneath 2 heavy comforters. I was still cold. Then do it all over again. To make matters worse Breezy and Buzzy both had it too. And to make worse matters even worserer (yeah I know that's not a word) Buzzy came down with a croupy cough. (A cough so dry it sounds like a barking seal and causes the person's throat to close the more violent the cough, cutting off air - Scary stuff) So my mom put on her 'Big Girl Panties' and helped me through the whole night and never went to sleep . . . only to have an opening shift at work that next morning (she had to wake up get ready at 5:30am) What an awesome mom I have!!

Yesterday was spent nursing 7-Up, oyster crackers and trying to keep my eyes open long enough to make sure my little ones (who had a bit more energy than me) didn't get into mischief. My grandma left work (to the dismay of her office manager) and came to the house around 10:30am bearing diapers (because Breezy had blown so many out we had run completely out of them) more 7-Up, the Oyster crackers, and Jello. She then helped me with Breezy who decided to vomit 6 more times (twice directly on my grandma who in turn had to not only take off her work clothes and borrow some of mine but then later had to go home and shower before she could go back to work) Breezy also ended up with 3 baths lovingly given by my grandma. I swear my mom and my grandma are saints!!

So, when my grandma left about 4 hours later Buzzy and Breezy and I took a fantastic 5 hour nap together and the girls woke up feeling great. I woke up with more pain, more chills and more nausea.

I was told by my mom and sister who had since come home from their respective places of work that I was burning up and was instructed to take something, which I did. Bed was heaven last night as while the nausea and diarrhea had not let up, the debilitating pain had. This morning we all woke up better except for Buzzy who still had a bit of a congested cough. (But thank God for no more croup) And thus far no pain, no vomiting and no diarrhea. Must have been a 24-48 hour thing?

Regardless my appetite as gone into hibernation. Nothing sounds good. Nothing looks good. My mental and emotional hunger is still there but when I go to the pantry, freezer or fridge to find something to 'fill the void' I can't stand the sight of anything. I swear I have made 20 trips to each place ridden with food and turned, closing the door with nothing in hand cuz I just can't stomach the thought.

On that note my pillow calls for I am late for our date.

Tomorrow night brings in the New Year and, Oh 2011, how I will enjoy conquering everything I didn't in 2010 during your 365 day span.

XO Kristen


  1. You poor thing...and your poor bambinos. Isn't a mother's/grandmother's love a wonderful thing. I'm 49 and even when I'm sick I want my mommy :-)

    Feel better soon. Lots of great things to come and conquer in 2011.

  2. you lost some weight. lol.
    glad you are feeling better....let's just say the runway is cleared for takeoff.

  3. I can't tell you what caused it but it sounds awful! Glad to hear you had some help with the kids. Hope you're all back to normal soon.

  4. omg, i hope you feel better soon. all of you. Use it to your advantage to jump start the year's weight loss if you can, but stay hydrated and be well. Your poor family sounds like they prolly all feel puny, but what an amazing support network you have with mom, grandma, sister! That kind of love is hard to find in this world. Treasure it!

  5. You should call your doctor as a precaution. I had food poisoning earlier this year and it was not pretty; symptoms similar to yours and Buzzy's: nausea, vomiting diarrhea that lasted 2 full days. I was put on a minimal diet of ice cold diet cola, rice water (making rice with lots of water and then drinking it hot ... very starchy), and plain toast for a few days. It was the only thing that helped stop the stomach spasms and nausea. I didn't eat food-food (and barely even ate the toast) for at least 4 or 5 days.

    Hope you feel better and maybe try the ice cold soda to help the stomach.

    Have a happy and healthy New Year!

  6. Oh wow! Thank goodness for your mom and grandma helping you through all that! I hope that you are all, all better.

    Happy New Year!

  7. Oh my gosh! How awful. I can't imagine going through that with children having the same thing. What a mess!

    Glad you're feeling a tad bit better!

    happy new year!

  8. Oh Kristen my porcelain sister, I too were sick with the 24 hour bug! Along with all of my family after Christmas day. Should have known it was coming when my great niece greeted me at the toilet door by puking over me.

    I hope your getting better and the girls too


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