Friday, December 3, 2010


A new novel idea has all but erupted into my sister's and my head (and yes the singular form of 'head was intentional). New characters. A new premise. New plot. No longer romantic fantasy (although there will be romance) but bangsian fantasy. I have never written this kind of book so it should be an interesting endeavor. 
I am feeling irritable today. Probably the combo of the 1/4 glass of wine I had last night (I haven't had a drink since before I got pregnant with Buzzy) and the heat that my family insists on turning on when the house is perfectly comfortable. 41 degrees outside and 72 in. Turn off the flippin' heat!

Not to mention my daughters are testing my patients AND MY STUPID COMPUTER KEEPS CLOSING WINDOWS WITHOUT WARNING!! Sooo annoyed!

My biggest goal for today and the days to follow is to eat my bagel and coffee or muffin and coffee and then only eat a snack if I am really hungry before lunch. Lunch and dinner will be box meals and I will only have a snack between those meals if I am really hungry. No bored or emotional eating. No one gains anything by me eating mindlessly except me and I gain nothing good. Only more lbs. So, food needs to sink into the back of my mind while I focus on the more important aspects of life.

So far so good. And now I am going over to Amy's blog to be inspired.

XO Kristen


  1. Trying doing something that'll keep your mind off the food. So instead of mindlessly eating, like you don't want to do, you'll be _____.

  2. One of my biggest hurdles, one I have yet to clear without at least ticking a pole with a hoof is not eating when I am not truly hungry. I tend to want to eat by the clock, because I get bored, upset or what have you. I am working very hard on teaching myself to listen to true hunger signals, not watching my clock or falling back on bad habits.

    It's driving me a little nuts. lol


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