Tuesday, December 7, 2010


Today..err yesterday as it's now 12:48am.. started out good but ended bad. And good. I ate too much today. A healthy breakfast but then added ice cream, too many red grapes, many authentic tacos, a few French fries and a chicken nugget to the menu. I don't think I went over say 2200 cals but even still that's 600 more than I'm sposed to have. The good part. My head-my emotions wanted more. They wanted donuts.

**tangent - my step dad is a junkfoodaholic and since he moved in about 7 months ago there has been no shortage of ice cream, chips, donuts, chocolate, sugary cereal, poptarts or hostess products in our house. Hence my constant issues. Temptation is rampant. Not an excuse. Just a fact.

So yesterday he bought donuts. After a day like today I would have normally said screw it and eaten the rest of the available donuts. I didn't. Instead I came to write this and then go to sleep.

One other thing: I find my head really does tell me I'm hungry and that I NEED something even when my stomach says it's lying. Yesterday after gallon #2 there was no doubt I was full! But my head still told me I needed to eat. This is something I am very interested in analyzing.

But more on that later.

Back to 2 gallons and low cals tomorrow + pushups-jumpingjacks-squats and TUESDAY zumba!!!

Oh yeah!

XO Kristen

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  1. That's GOTTA be tough with junk food around all the time. Really tough. And unfair for you. Is there a way that it can all be in one cabinet that you don't have to look into?


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