Wednesday, December 8, 2010


Today was shopping day (as I had mentioned earlier) and I am very proud of what I accomplished. Not only was my basket full of fruits, veggies (including pomegranate, apples, English cucumbers, spinach, bananas watermelon, cantaloupe & green beans), lean meats and 'healthier box meals'. I also made a conscious decision not to enable my step-dad and in turn to support myself on this journey. I bought no candy, no cookies, no donuts, or ice cream or hostess products.

When he got home from work (after all the food was home and stored away) he went to the fridge (first thing he does after he takes off his shoes) looks inside for a minute, closes it and goes to the pantry.

"I thought you shopped today," he says.
"I did."
"You didn't buy anything."
"I did. I bought tons of healthy stuff."
"I don't see anything worth eating."
"You have cookies in there."
(The oreos from his own junk food errand are right in front of him)
"Right there."
"Those were already there."
"Yes they were."
"So like I said, you didn't buy anything."
"Guess not."

He closed the pantry, scoffed and walked away.


I ended today at 1504 cals but only 123fl oz.

 Which brings me to my QUESTIONS FOR THE HYDRATED.

1. If you are regularly drinking so much water, how do you ever get an accurate weight? I pee literally every couple hours 24/7 while drinking so much water. 

2. Do you retain a butt load of water (like indentations in your skin) regardless of your water intake or lack thereof of sodium intake? The other night I was sitting on my hands which is habit for me and when I removed them from underneath me my fingers looked like they had been steam rolled from the fingertip to mid-knuckle.

3. Headaches? I have noticed a correlation to my intake of water and headaches. If I drink over a gallon or so I get these weird stabby feelings in my head. Not cool and I didn't like what I read when I googled it either. 

Edited to add:
I need to comment on the most recent comment on my blog posted by T. S/he said:

'i have been reading for a long time and i understand your situation with money however, i have noticed that there must be SOME money you spend i.e. the zumba video game and your list of reward you have on the side.'

I actually have no money to my name. NONE. ZERO. NADA. ZILCH. I go to Zumba because my grandmother works for a public recreation 'place' and gets discounts. She asked if I wanted to go. So I got 6 weeks for my birthday. 6 weeks just cuz she wanted to do something for me and 6 weeks for Christmas. As for my sidebar those are things I hope I will be able to do. Nothing is set in stone. There are times when I have a very small amount of cash available to me and if that time arises and there is nothing else I need (such as diapers for Breezy, training panties for Buzzy, clothes for either of the girls or the like) then I may use it on a reward. Mind you this sporadic and rare-at-best cash never exceeds $25. EVER. For the things I know I will never be able to afford I planned them on my list so that they fall around times when my family exchanges gifts anyway. If it just so happens I meet a goal and can't get 'my reward', the goal met will be reward enough. Sooooo. That. Explains. That.

I think that is all for now. Regardless, the gallon has become my norm. The 3 hours I spent shopping today without it at easy access made me one very thirsty girl. 

XO Kristen


  1. Email me with water questions etc... I can splain what I know...

  2. I have a question; how long were you sitting on your hands? Does your skin indent if you just press it with your thumb and then immediately release? The reason I ask is because it seems like that's something they check at the doctors a lot? Not sure what it means when it doesn't immediately resume it's normal appearance...

  3. Good for you! If your stepdad wants junk food, he can buy it and lug it himself!

    I only retain water if I drink less than 100 ounces a day. For me, the extra 100 ounces after that helps a lot because I have slight kidney issues and I'm supposed to drink all that water. Besides that, as a chronic headache sufferer, I've noticed that now that I'm drinking all this water, I don't get any headaches. If you're getting the headaches, it could be caffeine withdrawal -- add a can or two of diet soda to your day; it won't hurt your weight loss efforts. If not, a visit to the doctor for a full head to toe exam might give you answers ... hopefully you have insurance.

    I also recommend you get a multi-vitamin that doesn't contain iron (unless you have anemic tendencies). I get the store brand Centrum Senior even though I'm nowhere near 50+ but it's the only one that has no iron.

    Hope this helps.

  4. Allan can answer the water questions best, but I do have some info on the headaches.. I got them when I first cut out all caffeine other than my one cup of coffee AND when I drank really cold or iced water, especially when I drank it too fast. Room temp water put nixed that. The only other time I've had those fast, stabbing headaches, my dr said it was blood preside related (not an issue anymore) so you may want to look into that just in case if you haven't already.

    Kudos to standing up to your step-dad!

  5. Pressure, not preside! Stupid predictive text.. Haha!

  6. Im glad you're letting the Ding Dong find his own Ding Dongs!! *and Im really hoping you know those are Hostess Cakes LOL! Good for you on the shopping trip :-D

  7. The swelling you are having is called pitting edema. I used to have the same issue. My doctor put me on a water pill for it and I no longer had a problem.

  8. great news about the shopping trip, good for you.
    I love my Zumba class, I'm glad you get to attend one even if you don't have alot of extra cash lying around. I have to save coins to afford my rewards, but it even makes them that much sweeter. Keep your chin up, you're doing very well.

  9. Love the shopping trip news! Good for you! And I understand the boxed lunch thing. I had one today, too. Keep it up with the good decisions. :-)

  10. I don't wanna be rude, but I almost wanna say, "Too bad for him (your stepdad)." You bought awesome stuff. You have every right to feel good about that grocery trip. Don't let him get you down.


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