Sunday, January 2, 2011

DAY 367 / JANUARY 2, 2011 PART II


First, thank you for all your comments. I read each of them and regardless of their content I feel a great connection to this entire group of people I follow and who follow me. 

So, here goes:

Chris (and Darla), thank you for the compliment. I know it's cliche to be fat and told you have a pretty face but it doesn't get old so I am very flattered. One of my 2010 *silent* resolutions was to be able to take a compliment without arguing its validity and I conquered that. So, I will simply say thank you. Thank you very much. 

Everyone who asked about Lean Cuisine Steamers, first I think I am going to start a Boxed Food Review page and review each meal I try. The pros/cons/good/bad/yummy/yucky - ness of it all. Good idea? As for the steamers, the three I have tried which I have previously posted the names of but have forgotten which they are were ALL really good. So good in fact that I have contemplated buying ONLY the steamers and none of the boxes anymore. However, the Lemon Pepper grass Chicken Lean Cuisine I had from a Box today changed my mind. It was P.H.E.N.O.M.E.N.O.L and what inspired me to do the FOOD REVIEW page. That will be coming soon. 

Edit to say: I added the food review page. As of the moment there is only 1 item there which is the Lemongrass Chicken I had for lunch but it as I try new things the list will grow. 

Allan, for the life of me I cannot find Cremora anywhere... not even Walmart, but on the 8th when the mulah for food comes around again I will be buying some of the powdered coffeemate creamer. Do they have flavors? 

Lanie, GERD sucks! That's for sure. I don't know how it might be related to sleep apnea but I don't have that and thus don't know much about it except you stop breathing when you sleep? On another note, Allan did not break his resolution at all. And my post was not about him but the people that abhor him and take time out of their life to make an issue of it.


Lunch was:

Lemongrass Chicken Lean Cuisine - 260 cals
Honey Crisp Apple - 80 cals
5 Cheezits - 28 cals

Lunch Total - 368

Breakfast + Lunch -748

I gotst to pee now. All that water, ya know. *wink*

XO Kristen


  1. When we went to the grocery store today, walking in the frozen section and ---screech---put on my brakes to see the Lean Cuisine Steamers. Some of them sounded really good. Like Balsamic Chicken with Angel Hair Pasta. My hubby said, "You don't need those, I make your dinners." (he does). But now I want to try them. How easily influenced I am. I'd love it if you do a boxed food review.

  2. Even though Im doing low carb and the Steamers dont fit nutritionally with my plan right now, I did check the website out. They look delicious and you're right--a lot of veggies! I think a food review page is a great idea too. Glad you're feeling enthusiastic and on point these days!

  3. Whew! thanks for the clarification!

    I was really suprised to hear about the connection between GERD and apnea as well. I was being tested for apnea and was asked if I had GERD. When I said I did, he said that the latest research showed a connection between the two!

    I'm gonna check out those steamers!

    I can't understand why anybody wants to waste their time or energy on hatefulness. Hostility like that can only be born of deep pain and I hope/pray for healing for those people.

  4. I will be checking out those steamers! Thanks and I would really appreciate a food review cause I am a chicken to try new foods

  5. Fantastic idea...boxed food review! Will definitely be checking it out and suggesting it to others!

  6. I don't do many boxed foods, mostly because i bring them to work and forget about them, lol. But reviews sound great!


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