Sunday, January 2, 2011

DAY 367 / JANUARY 2, 2011

I woke up this morning excited. That childlike adrenaline pumping, wanna jump up and down and squeel like a teenage girl kinda excited.

I knew immediately why. I'm excited to be doing this again. I'm excited to see progress and success. I'm excited to feel good again and lose the GERD that had been sneaking back into my life and causing me much pain.

I'm excited to feel motivated to attend Zumba and to Zumba in my home and to play with my girls. Oh, my girls. I'm excited to get healthy for them. They deserve a healthy, happy, energetic and motivated mama. (especially since their father is severely lacking- they don't need two bum parents)

Look at these faces and tell me they aren't worth it... You can't... They are... And I will make myself the best I can be for them.

Breakfast was a small variation of yesterday.

Coffee + cream - 80cals
1.5 sandwich thin - 75cals
1 tbsp peanut butter - 95 cals
1 banana - 105 cals

Breakfast Total: 355 cals


I don't understand people. Think about this. Unless you live in a pink glass bubble and see the world through a rosey facade you no doubt understand that there are other people in the world who not only have differing opinions, values etc than you but that their are also heinous, ugly people out there as well.

In real life do you make an effort to contact and berate, yell at, insult and verbally assault these people?

I don't know about you but when someone has a different opinion or view than me, that's great. Sometimes I can't overlook it due to my own values or morals or what have you and contact is severed. Period. End of story.

The ugly, heinous persons of the world deserve no attention. There is no reason to find them and egg them on with your own brand of hatred toward them. Unless you enjoy the drama and then you're probably no better than the person you hate so much.

All of this applies in blog world. If you come across a blog you don't like, why go out of your way to not only spew hatred at the person but to take time to personally email the person to spew the hatred. Is your own life really so empty that you can find nothing better to do but fraternize with people you deem arrogant and know it alls and rude? Really? Cuz I don't prefer to spend my free time doing that.

That all said, anyone who reads this may or may not know the source of my irritation. Allans most recent post; #2 for the day is that source. And not because of what he said but because of the responses he gets to what he says.

Now Allan doesn't need my defense. He is an army unto himself and can no doubt defend himself (verbally as well as I can imagine physically) better than most of us bloggers out here in blogland but it REALLY annoys me that all you haters have so much free time on your hands.

Go find a hobby. Take up knitting or mixed martial arts or sword swallowing! Better yet, get a spine and accept that Allan knows what he's talking about and no one really cares if your panties are in a knot because of his way of delivering the message.

Off soap box.


PS: thanks Allan for the kick in the pants about the water. Today will be different.

XO Kristen

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  1. I don't get why people go out of their way to criticise others like that. Doesn't make sense. You don't agree - fine, you don't need to. But don't go after people just cos you're bored and have nothing better to do.

  2. I don't get the whole EMAILING bit. Posting comments--well, blogs are public, so I kind of expect people can refute/rant in comments. BUT email? Geez...I find that so weird. It would not at all occur to me to go email someone just to rant in their face cause I don't like something they blogged about re dieting or whatever. That's kind of stupid-ass. Or, like you said, they like drama.

    Now, babycakes, more important, what's with the 15 pound gain???? Whoa...I just noticed your ticker. Wasn't it at 55 lbs off before? Honey, hugs and smoochies. You must have been mighty stressed.

    Now, let's see that ticker go back to 55 and beyond!!!!!!! Put down the creamer. No cup of coffee should be 80 calories unless it's nutritious (and creamer ain't healthy at all). Step away from the creamer! :)

    Okay, I scolded enough. I need to step away from the salt. Go ahead, scold me. :D

    Hugs and Happy New Year with lots of health for all of us, including those lovely little girls of yours who make me wanna smooch up their adorable chubby cheeks!!!!! (Are the chubby cheeks of children not one of life's most amazing things. I love em!)

  3. I hear you on the GERD thing. I had some delicious tomato-based pasta sauce last night and the ol' belly was on fire. I recently learned from my pulmonologist that sleep apnea is often the root cause of GERD and that the acid reflux is just another related symptom. Strange!

    Sounds like his new year's resolution didn't last long. I can only IMAGINE what trash he's posting now. Berating and emailing people, making them chose between being his followers or somebody else's . . .that's his MO. And when he runs out of fuel, then he just invents stuff . . . claims he has proof that couldn't possibly exist, preys on people with mental illness . . . And people buy it. I just don't get it. Like you said, if he doesn't like it, why does he go there? Whatev. I'm done with it. We will have to learn to live with negativity and downright meanness and accept that it exists in the world. Acceptance is the only thing we can do - we cannot make other people be kind, loving or compassionate. We can only pray for loving kindness to heal the pain which fuels their fury.

  4. Kristen.. you're girls are absolutely gorgeous! I just want to squeeze those cheeks! They are so worth doing this for.. and you will!

  5. What little dollies. Love their hair - I'm a sucker for thick, dark hair.

  6. The stalkers have found you. Sorry


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