Monday, January 3, 2011

DAY 368 / JANUARY 3, 2011

Just the nitty gritty cuz there's really nothing interesting to write about.

Breakfast at 10am was a banana with 1tbsp peanut butter and 1/4 honey crisp apple = 220 cals

*Breakfast was supposed to be at ihop but husband called, said he woke up late and so food was postponed.

Lunch/snack at 12pm was oatmeal, 2 pieces dry wheat toast and coffee with creamer = 459 cals

*At ihop ... later

Lunch/dinner at 3:45pm was a grilled chicken sandwich from Wendys = 370 cals

*Was famished by this time

Dinner/snack at 6 was another banana with 3 tbsp peanut butter and 1/4 16 oz cup of horchata = 439 cals

*Decided I wasn't hungry for a real dinner. Shared the peanut butter with Buzzy but counted all the calories just in case.

Liquid intake was questionable at best. Too much running around and no measuring of fluids. Of what I can actually count I drank 64oz. But there was diet soda in undecipherable size cups, water in same cups as well as tea. I'm guessing I am close to 110... somewhere in the ball park. Better go chug some more water.

PS... I cheated. 3 days in and I'm already stepping on the scale which said 5lbs down so far. Hmmm... A little water retention being freed, ya think? LOL

Till tomorrow.

XO Kristen


  1. If you're talking about the soda cups at IHOP, those are usually 16 to 24 ounces (I've found it depends on location), the water cups are usually 8 to 12 ounces. Tea is almost always 10 ounces. (I've just gotten pretty good at determining ounces by sight ... from drinking all these fluids.)

  2. Coming out of lurkdom. I might comment more if my iPod Touch reader would allow it! I have been following your blog for a while now, and whether you believe it or not, you really are an inspiration! I wanted you to know because of that I picked you for a blog award!

  3. Hey I have wonky food days too and most of the time I end up giving booger or pumpkin most of my snacks because they have little-girl-snack-radar, i don't get it, sometimes I hide in the laundry room if I don't want to share.
    BTW: your babies are precious, such beautiful faces!!!


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