Tuesday, January 4, 2011

DAY 369 / JANUARY 4, 2011 PART II

As I mentioned earlier today, I have a new little obsession with the show Man Vs. Food. If I can't eat it, I may as well envy enjoy other people enjoying it.

Truly and honestly though, I cannot believe some of the things this man eats. Here are some photos I found of some of the more insane things he has consumed ALL OF.

22 Inch Beef Hotdog with 'all the fixins'

God only knows how long it is but this is a burrito 

How many layers????

7lb burrito

Grilled cheese with 14 different cheeses including
blue, feta, goat, pepperjack, american and more. OMG

Hello Banana split!

Friggin huge burger
I would love to be able to eat all these things, but the one thing that really got my head hunger going today (of which I did not act on) was this.

Torta Cubana from Los Reyes De La Torta
It may sound, seem or even look gross (I would have taken the hotdogs out) to have that many proteins together but I assure you it is fantastic and I want one so bad. I had them in Mexico City every so often (and lost 30lbs in the 6 months I lived there) and they are toooo DIEEEEE for. MMM. ***Princess, tell me you've had one of these babies or a Hawaiiana or something with milanesa and egg and...and and... lol

Ok, I need to go to sleep before my head starts messing with my stomach.

Lastly, I ended today with 1390 cals and 124 fl oz consumed. I will be drinking a bit more before bed. 

Good night all. 

XO Kristen


  1. Interesting, I would eat some of everything too, it all looked really sloppy but at the same time very eatable, I better go cook dinner before I slip to the shop for a hotdog with mustard, chilli sauce, cheese, onion, tomato sause ..... the list goes on

  2. He just tastes this stuff, doesn't he? He doesn't eat it all, does he? Yikes if he does.

  3. I saw Adam walking through the Food Network building over by 12th Avenue last week. The shows airing now, the new ones, were filmed last year. Let's say that if the camera adds 20 lbs, the crap he ate added 50 more. That boy is proof that you can not eat like he does on TV. By sight, and I was within 5 feet of him as he went to the elevator to the studio, he looks to be over 300 pounds. Great show, but he is eating insane amounts. I fear for the kids that watch that..

  4. I noticed from season 1 to season 3 (they were on Netflix) that he has gained alot of weight. I love that show too and I like to watch it even more when I'm following a diet. Crazy, yes!

  5. My husband and I were avid wachers...but watching Adam bloat up over hte last two seasons has made me feel a little sad watching.

    So we have stopped. I can see why he is doing it - money - great show - travel - interesting people. But we are going to see him on Celebrety Fitclub sometime soon.


  6. I love this show too! I have been watching it alot lately. I live on the food network and somehow it does make me feel better when I am dieting. I guess we are all crazy! haha

    I could devour that grilled cheese no problem (pre-band)!!!! yummy!!!!!!!

  7. It's so funny - I absolutely LOVE that show. But I'm so grossed out by the things he eats...lol whether it's huge quantities or anything spicy, he always makes me lose my appetite. Gross! But hilarious and entertaining too :)

  8. I so <3 Adam and his gluttony. I read awhile ago that he had to work out daily to break even on his weight. However, I'm on season 3 and it doesn't look like he's workout out anymore!


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