Tuesday, January 4, 2011

DAY 369 / JANUARY 4, 2011

I'm peeing so much I am contemplating attaching a catheter and calling it good.

I swear one of these days I'm going to invent a microscopic pill or powder you can swallow and once it reaches your bladder/bowels it stays there and then dissolves all waste matter to omit the time consuming task of 'going to the bathroom'.

So right now I'm doing something no person who is eating well should be doing. I am watching Man vs. Food and he's at a Greek restaurant. Drooooool!!! Lol I love how people call gyros j-i-rows or Heros. Lol it's pronounced euro people. Now I want one. But not really. I hate head hunger.

Breakfast was:

Sandwhich thin - 100 cals
Banana - 105 cals
1tbsp peanut butter - 95 cals
1/2 cup coffee with cream - 40 cals

Lunch was:

Beef, cheddar and mushroom lean cuisine panini - 340 cals
(review coming soon)

27 cheezits - 150 cals


Kellogs cereal bar - 90 cals

Dinner will be another lean cuisine no more than 400 cals and then ZUUUUUUUUMBA!!!

Total will be less than 1400 cals.

Oh and I cheated again. Scale said 8lbs gone this morning. Come Saturday (4 days from now) I am very curious to see this week's total loss!

Thas all folks.

Stay tuned for today's lunch and dinner reviews in the FROZEN / BOXED REVIEW tab.

XO Kristen

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  1. I pronounce it right, but that's only cause some years ago I took some Greek lessons. Forgot just about everything, but still remember most of the alphabet pronounced correctly as well as "gyro" and "kalimera". One of my fave songs by my fave band has the Greek letters "Chi Ro" pronounced "Chee row"..it hurts to hear that, but I adore the song. Saying "chi" is hard, anyway.

  2. Head hunger. That's a good term. I'll have to incorporate that one. "Is this head hunger or real hunger?" I was looking for the Lemongrass Lean Cuisine today at the store but no luck. There was a sale on though so perhaps all the good ones are gone first (I think so).

  3. Head hunger. That is such a perfect way to put that type of "Oooo, that looks sooo good now I want to eat even though I'm not hungry" feeling! I get it so often, especially while perusing recipes in magazines or watching TV.

    I LOVE Man Vs Food!! Adam is fabulous! Had to stop watching most of the time because of the head hunger it caused. Unfortunately, the show "inspires" the hubby to try out as many food challenges in our area as possible. Guess who he wants there to record the events? *sigh* At least the sight of that much food makes me want to vomit, but I have catch myself from snacking on the side dishes.

    Looking forward to your reviews this year! I haven't tried too many frozen meals, but having a few around would make things easier some days.

  4. Love Man vs. Food! They just released a whole bunch of episodes on Netflix, so we spent last weekend watching thsoe. Definitely caused some head hunger!

  5. Kristen - I made chicken gyros with lo-cal tzaziki a few weeks ago, they were about 300 calories and almost as good as the ones with lamb.

    We TiVo Man Vs. Food, Even Jeeves loves it and I always seem to find inspiration to create lo-cal versions of the things I see there.


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