Thursday, January 6, 2011

DAY 371 / JANUARY 6, 2011

Holy e-mail batman!

Apparently my last post stirred something which totally wasn't my intention. If I had been looking for controversy or drama I would have stated the person's name. But #1 that's not how I roll and #2 I wasn't looking for anything (as some e-mails accuse) I was just venting.

I must also say that some people took my last post quite personally as if I had been talking about them and let me tell all 5 of you who e-mailed me, none of you are the person my post was directed at.

As for the anonymous e-mailer (what is up with the hidden identity anyway? I seem to get a lot of these when I post anything even mildly controversial) insulting me in the manner you did only makes me feel bad for you. #1 because of your extremely poor grammar / spelling skills #2 because you have so little in your life that you derive enjoyment from dissecting mine and #3 because if you aren't a teen (which from the tone of your email I am highly skeptical) than maybe you need some therapy or anger management courses.

Remember, you don't know me. You only know what I tell you, so don't assume to judge my life in areas I rarely discuss here.

All that outta the way, I woke up with a full on head cold this morning. Runny nose, sore throat and pressure in my sinuses that make my eyes feel like they're being pushed out of their sockets from the inside. Youchy!

I weighed again this morning and besides a mild case of constipation I blame the number on the scale for the homemade higher sodium food yesterday + the less than satisfactory water intake.

Rectifying all that today. 44oz consumed so far and much more coming. I'm pushing for a 10lb loss by Saturday.

Tonight is bunko and I plan to eat nothing but have diet soda. There will no doubt be amazing food and candy galore but I will have none. I will however take photos of what I'm nit eating for your viewing pleasure.

Breakfast was:

Oatmeal - 160 cals
Wheat toast - 90 cals
1 tsp apricot jam - 17 cals
Coffee and cream - 70 cals

Total of 337 cals and I'm stuffed. Not good. I kinda wanna puke actually. But I won't because my belly is just full. Not sick. And hopefully the fullness will last a few hours till lunch.

I gotst to pee.

XO Kristen


  1. Yeah on the no eating of candy galore. Kristen, it's really funny (odd) that people take everything so personally around here. I even wrote a post on it. What I say on my Blog - what methods I follow - is not intended to mean that I think everyone should do what I do. BTW, I like the not naming the blog if you want to vent. Why bother, right?

  2. I have to agree with everything Darla said! I too like that you didn't name names. Again, what's the point? They clearly are doing something wrong or lieing, which is only going to hurt them. :( Sucks, but what can you do? Vent! Plus this is your blog, your space, why email you with hate? Amazing how low people will go. Hope you have a good day! No Candy! ;)

  3. Well, I'll won't lie: I wanted to know so I could go read and see the calorie miscounts, too. Call me a nosy nelly, but I wanted to see where the miscounts were. Curiosity.


    As far as emails--funny how certain people felt CONVICTED...enough to email assholian emails even. It's my theory that they are probably doing just what you said, felt bad and "caught", and reacted with anger. Hey, if you aren't doing what Kristen stated, why email in righteous indignation. HAHAHAH.


    My conscience is clear, so it didn't occur to me it was me. If I get my calories wrong, then by all means, tell me AND SparkPeople, cause that's where I log em--and I use measuring spoons, measuring cups, and vendor sites when possible (ie available online).

    But if I get the calories wrong, it will show up can cheat your Fit Day or your blog, but you can't cheat the scale.

    Later, babe...

  4. How annoying that people are annoyed at you for being annoyed... ha... people are stupid. They know that certain things/people tick them off too. Your blog, your right to gripe.

  5. I totally wanted to know the name of the blogger too because I'm nosy like that! =)

    I love how people forget that the blog is your blog. Plus, you labeled it as a vent.... *shakes head*

  6. Like the others said- your blog, your right to talk about whatever you want! If you wanted to post pictures of your neighbor's yellow toe nails.. well, gross, but that's your right. lthough, I'd probably add a content warning if you did! :P

  7. Seems impossible that people would actually complain about what they read here for FREE. What is wrong with people? You have done an amazing job with this blog, and I will definitely be back to cheer you on!

  8. Ooh, looks like some people were feeling guilty, lol, just kidding. For the life of me, I can't remember a quote that fits in perfectly with this scenario. Oh well :)


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