Friday, January 7, 2011

DAY 372 / JANUARY 7, 2011 PART II

I am sitting here at Starbucks reflecting on 2010 and anxiously anicipating the things to come on 2011.

In 2011 3 very significant things will happen and they will all happen because I made them happen. How or if they will affect my life I don't know. I hope they do and in a positive way.

#1: finish writing my 2nd novel

#2: lose the remaining 125+ lbs off my body.

#3: divorce my husband

Numbers 1 and 2 are in the works. Number 3 will commence to proceed on the 18th of this month.

I'm done being dependent. I'm done being fat. And I'm done with him.

I went to get gas today and as I was getting back in my car a man in his mid forties startled me as he passed. He said loudly to snap my head up to look at him,

'come on smile. It won't hurt to smile.' I smiled and he smiled and said, 'there ya go. See?'

And he was right. That brief encounter that LEFT ME SMILING reminded me. I don't smile enough. I need to smile. I need to enjoy life. I need to omit anything that isn't good for me, people and food alike and move forward happily. I need to be happy. I have a right to be happy.

So Mr. Stranger who will never read this and will never know how you affected my day, thank you. Because of you I will also add to my list #4. SMILE as often as possible.


XO Kristen

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  1. I've missed reading your entries and glad I came back on this one. Very uplifting and hopeful. #3 is a big one and I'm happy you've been able to figure out what will make you happy and healthy because you deserve to be.

  2. That little bit of kindness from a stranger, how wonderful :)
    I'm sure that you would have been smiling about it all day, just remembering him, I know I would have.
    Keep up the good work, work towards what you want and you will get there

  3. Those are wonderful goals for this year. I wish you all the best in completing them!

    I have a very bad habit of frowning when I am thinking and as such, have had numerous people (strangers often) remark the same as the man did to you. It does usually end with me smiling or laughing. I'm glad he made your day. You do have a lot to smile about :)

  4. I love old men that cruise around with no pants, making passes... So glad you were assaulted so nicely.

  5. Good for you, girl!! Great goals for the year!

  6. I love it when things like that happen, so much that I have started doing it for others, cause I know it makes their day too.
    I'm glad you are making the decision to have a more peaceful life. You deserve it for you and your girls. All three of you are gorgeous and deserve lots of beautiful smiles.

  7. It pisses me off when people tell me to smile. I smile readily enough but not on command. Tell me to and you are more likely to get my patented freeze you to death glare.

    Congratulations on going forward on #3. I wish you all the best on that and I hope that it brings you some peace and the ability to move forward as you want to.

  8. I love strangers like that! It's crazy how quickly people can affect us (or us them). And hooray for #3!! I haven't been married long enough to offer any real advice in this area, but I think this is going to be a great thing for you and the girls, even if it's going to be hard now. Just like we all have issues with food- instant gratification vs long term happiness.


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