Wednesday, January 12, 2011

DAY 378 / JANUARY 12, 2011

When people told me that divorce would send me on an emotional roller coaster they weren't kidding.

Yesterday was a sad day. Today is a peaceful day. Who knows what tomorrow might bring? And that's that everything is just beginning. I'm scared to think what kind of hurricane of emotions I'll be feeling in the midst of the actual proceedings. Or maybe with any luck *knock on wood* I'll get to be in the eye of the storm = the center of it but the most peaceful part.

My eating is going really well. As you can imagine with everything going on and zooming in circles through my head, i dont really have much time to feel hungry let alone eat very much.

Zumba last night was fantastic! I even met a new friend, fellow blogger, Steve Klassen aka MrXinu. Not only does this dude seriously rock but he's also a newly certified instructor and he's created some wicked choreo! LOVED his dances! Which is saying something considering newbies generally and understandably have pretty rough choreo.

I'm really beginning to not only LOVE Zumba but I'm getting really attached to my Zumba family. My instructor, Kim, is a sweetheart and knowing about my impending divorce offered her emotional support in the form of talking to her whenever i need to or going to lunch. She's awesome! And I'm so honored to have met her.

For so long I have felt excluded from my life. No friends, a dictator of a husband and no life to speak of other than being a mom, which of course has always and will always be my first priority, but it's nice to remember I still have my own identity and i am capable of friendships and life outside the home.

Steve even invited me to a karaoke bar tonight (with his wife and bunch of Zumbsters) but unfortunately I'm going to have to decline due to no sitter.

My mom did say that one of these days she would give me some time to go out and have some fun. I love my mom.

On that note, and coming full circle to the divorce I spoke with my attorney's paralegal and supposedly there are a few files ahead of mine so I'm waiting for them to draw up the papers so I can go in and sign and than hopefully *fingers crossed* I can convince him to go accept the papers at my lawyer's office. There's a good reason for this but I don't want to go into detail. Hopefully all this will be said and done by May. *prayers*

Well that's all for now.

XO Kristen

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  1. I haven't seen your blog in some time and am sorry to hear of your divorce. I wish you the best and hope things progress smoothly.

    At the same time, it is nice that Zumba provides an outlet to all that stresses you. I've never tried it. I did get a dvd set for Christmas and am just waiting to get over my Bronchitis to give it a try. It looks like fun. I'm sure more fun in person, but I am no where close to doing something like that. I hope you continue meeting more new people and having so much fun.

  2. I am so glad that you have your mom's support through this, that you have people you can turn to.

    I'm headed back to Zumba this week, hopefully I don't die in the middle of the class.

  3. I wish we had this Zumba here. I could really get into that. At least it sounds like something I'd like.
    You are doing awesome in the hard time of your life. Keep going. Thank God for mama's. the do make life easier.
    Take care Kristen and God Bless!!

  4. It's great that you are forming new friendships and re-finding yourself. Keep up the wonderful work!

  5. Zumba sounds fun, I have a membership to a gym and may have to see if they have it. And although I am sorry you're sad about going thru with a divorce, part of me is happy for you - and I know that, in the end, you'll be glad. A broken home is only broken if you let it be that way. My son grew up in a broken home, but to him it's normal to live with mom, Uncle Luke, Jeremy (stepdad) and himself. SO he's a happy, well adjusted kid! YOU'll get through, I know you will. Good luck with it all!


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