Thursday, January 13, 2011

DAY 379 / JANUARY 13, 2011 PART II

Major rant unrelated to weight loss. You have been warned.

My grandma has worked with California and now Washington school districts for over 40 years. My grandma is the kind of person who is skilled, efficient, happy and motivated. My grandma is 62 years old and thee most innocent, mild natured person I have ever met. The kind of person that would split herself in half to help someone out.

For the last few years my grandma has been working in a certain area of the school district dealing with the community.

In the last year they have told her in more words than I can say here that she is incompetent. (She's not) She's not skilled or savvy. (She is) She isn't a team player. (She's the queen of team players) they have harassed and discriminated her into nothing, giving her other peoples work piled on top of her own, making her learn new program after new program when no one else has to, telling her she's not good enough, not smart enough, not proactive enough and not competent. (she is)

Today she was brought into a 3rd meeting with the head honchos of the district in a month. Only this time instead of having her union rep on her side and instead of them trying to help her constructively, they brought a list telling her that she is basically a monster. Telling her she isn't good enough. Telling her so many horrible things it makes me cry just to think them.

People are cruel. They ambushed her and verbally assassinated her character, her self worth and everything in between.

That's my grandma, the most wonderful, sweetest person I know without a mean bone in her body and they massacred her.

It kills me, and now I'd like to kill them.

Not seriously of course, but I hope karma or justice is as cruel to them as they have been to her.

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  1. Oh, I am sorry kristen..not for nothing but it looks like they are trying to push her out the door before they have to pay her retirement. If I were her I would start asking that they give her written requirements for her job and asking for a monthly review . Or they will railroad her right out of there. big hugs.

  2. That is horrible Kristen, I can't believe that they can do that or even get away with it. I hope that your Grandma has contacted her union rep straight away after that meeting, can she go them for bulling?

  3. That is just not right. Sounds like they are trying to force her to quit! What is wrong with the world today? I'm so sorry that she had to go through that! In a lot of ways it's hard to watch a loved one go through that than to be the person actually going through it! Give yourself and your grandma a great big hug from me!

  4. Your grandma needs to make her union stand up for her!!! She pays her dues faithfully and that means the union works *for* her not with her. Tell her that this time, she needs to stiffen her back, put up her fists and tell the union to do their damn job!! Management will do everything possible to get rid of someone before it's time to pay out the pension. Tell grandma not to let them push her around!! Make sure she has everything documented, specifically about work that is not her responsibility that she is being made to do, what is said to her in those meetings and PROOF that has show she is allegedly incompetent. Have her write everything down: time and date stamped, with who was around, who gave her instructions, who's job it actually is to do the task and what they were doing at the time, etc. It's the only way she can defend herself when the union doesn't.

    Sorry, I get a bit carried away with issues like that. And not because I was harassed at work. Hubby tends to be mild mannered that way and when he was hit by a car during his work hours, the union didn't want to help him get his work compensation benefits and hubby didn't want to "make a fuss" with the union. It took a co-worker (who considers hubby like a brother) to go in and curse the crap out of the union rep for them to move. If it hadn't been for that, hubby wouldn't have gotten his benefits. It's sad but sometimes the union doesn't fight for the employees like they should.

  5. This same thing hapened to my mother last year. It awful when you get railroaded by people you are working hard for. I really hope things get better for her soon.

  6. She needs advocates. If her union won't advocate on her behalf, then she needs to start talking about a lawsuit for harrassment, discrimination, etc. Only a labor lawyer can figure out how best to approach this, but she certainly should not be singled out and picked on. If she is doing stuff otehr people do not have to do, being given extra work unfairly, and being harrassed for some particular reason (ageism, race, etc), then she needs to fight back and sue their asses. And she needs to document everything--keep her papers, records, try to be as comprehensive as she can about who is targeting her and how...

  7. Where I used to live the teachers unions help the teachers get away with all kinds of BS. We need some consistency in education instead of these extremes. I hope your grandma comes through this ok. . . and gets a good retirement outta the bastards.


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