Sunday, January 16, 2011

DAY 381 / JANUARY 16, 2011

Holy stupidity batman.

Just call me Allan's fraternal twin with a like mind set.

I am in no way as intelligent as him or as 'in control' as him when it comes to weight loss.

I respect the man.

I respect his process.

I respect his success.

I also respect his opinions and our opinions are quite similar when it comes to those in the blog world. Of course he is seriously hardcore and I'm really more soft core when it comes to self control, allowances, rewards yada yada yada. I am completely with him on some of the stupidity out there though. Including at times, my own which he has called me out on and I appreciate it. Keeping me in line when I cannot keep myself in line is an awesome quality regardless of the means when the intention is good.

I'll start by responding to two comments on my previous post.

In direct answer to Verity Vaudeville who said:

No idea who you are talking about, but I hope they develop a spine soon. For the rest of your readers, we're just sick of hearing this complaint.

I'm sorry if you are 'sick of hearing this complaint', although I wasn't aware that you spoke for all of my readers. It is a valid complaint as it irritates me. To reiterate. This is my blog and I will vent on it, regardless of the monotony or tedium you may feel by reading it again and again and again and again . . . and again. 

Princess Dieter said:

Well, sometimes, it takes people a few forward steps, a few backward steps, some faltering, some more forward steps, more faltering, before they get that backbone. Sometimes there's lots of bitching and whinig along the way to making progress....the trajectory is not always straight and smooth and courageous and stoic....

Whether it's losing weight or ditching a husband....and you know what I mean, right? :)

I'm not exactly sure what you think my previous post was about or who it was directed at but it was in no way directed at people who are struggling to lose weight. How hypocritical would that be? Hi, my name is Kristen and while I have flip-flopped from 270-280 for the last 8 months, I think you should totally amp up your game. Uh, no. That's not me. Generally speaking I do try to be as non-hypocritical as I can, though there are days where it is inevitable. Regardless, just FYI - the 'bitching and whining' I was speaking of were those people who can't take criticism. Constructive or otherwise. This is the Internet. Seriously? Learn to take it or get out of the public forum. Use a journal if you don't want/like/or expect others opinions/criticisms. You know what I mean, right? 

In Allan's words directed at no one and everyone in particular: 


I love my followers (most of them) but I don't need followers to write. There will always be people who agree with me and others who don't. People who like me and people who don't. That is the nature of humanity. BUT! Here in this space, I can say and do what I want. K? You are in NO WAY OBLIGATED TO READ. If you are bored, irritated or disagree with what I have to say then that is your God given right as a human being. You can click that fantastic X at the top right corner and move on to more exciting, even keeled and agreeable bloggers or you can call me out. Either is fine, but no matter what you say to me or about me, that won't change my opinion. Which is just that, MY OPINION. The opinion that is my God given right and I won't stop posting it. So, thanks! 


Thus brings me to the people who are ok with being fat. I wasn't even aware that this small forum of people online existed until it was pointed out to me. 

OBVIOUSLY there are people in the world okay with being fat. There wouldn't be sooo many fat people if every one of those fat people were trying really hard to change their bodies. I can see accepting obesity. I can see how the lure of the food can outweigh the health issues that perhaps you don't have yet or are not severe yet. I can see how that is possible. 

What I don't understand is fat acceptance as a forum which is like the Pro-Ana forums. (That's pro anorexia for those that don't know) It's not healthy. It's destructive and should not be encouraged! Another example is, to me it's like smoking. If you want to smoke in your car with the windows rolled up and kill yourself, fine. You're not hurting anyone but you. Same thing with being fat. If you want to eat and think that a box of Cinnabon are more important than your health and call it acceptance than fine. But why come online and advocate, enable and ultimately brain wash other people. Fat acceptance ISN'T ok. Smoking ISN'T ok. They are both eventually fatal. You chain smoke for several years and the likelihood of you one day dying from emphysema or other lung and/or esophageal issues are really good. If you stay obese the likelihood of you one day dying due to stroke, heart attack, diabetes and the list goes on and on and on are really good. Don't advocate other people's death!! Don't enable and encourage people to kill themselves! If you want to kill yourself fine, but don't share! Jeez!!!! 

THIS is why I am so fond of Allan! Despite his presentation of criticism/advice/whatever you want to call it, he is an advocate for LIFE. He tries to help. I don't believe he has ANY mal intent when he criticizes people. He isn't soft. He doesn't sugar coat. He doesn't beat around the bush or give any leeway. He is hardcore (as I mentioned before) He's also one of the most successful weight loss bloggers to date that I know of besides the people that have already made it to goal and Julia from Jewlia Goulia.. I don't care if you like him or anything he stands for. His accomplishment of reaching 160+ lbs lost in such a short time is something to be applauded or at least respected. 

Ok, this mini rant is over.

One more thing, different subject.

For the person who e-mailed me and was concerned about me being thirsty at night, there are no worries there. I am well hydrated during the day and I am also a mouth breather when I sleep. These two things make me wake up 1 to 2 times a night and get myself a drink. Dry mouth + 6-9 hours sans water makes a person thirsty. I have also recently had a blood panel and I am not in any way insulin resistant. ie: I am not diabetic or pre-diabetic. But I do appreciate the concern. 

XO Kristen


  1. I never did understand folks who go online and spread crap around. Sorry if you're catching online flack. I'd say they must have a pretty dull home life.

  2. Um, isn't the "comment" section where people can post THEIR opinions about YOUR opinions?

    Now, I wasn't saying I necessarily disagreed with you. I was making a point based on the least bit of info given (since I have no idea what blogs were in question).

    Not everyone can take strong/blunt criticism well. That's a personality TYPE, and generally, when I meet those people, I soften my tone, go gentler, because I know they cannot handle anything but the lightest, most couched criticisms.

    You can take criticism, so I don't feel like I need to tippy-toe should I ever wanna send something strong.

    So, unless the comments section is only for those who agree with you, then maybe you should go moderated.

  3. your hypocrisy astounds me. along with how much you kiss Allan's ass as if you are anything like him. you post these entries on you blog every few weeks/months or so for attention...but only when you are "on plan" which, lets me honest, is not all that often.

    do you ever wonder how many people read your blog for the roller coaster-type entertainment?

  4. No. I have a backbone. I can take criticism. I even openly stated that you could comment with your opinion of my opinion but that it wouldn't change my opinion or my insistence on posting it. I won't moderate comments. That's for people who are scared of being called out. :)

  5. As for T, your opinion of me is dually noted. FYI whatever you or anyone comes here for is not my problem/concern. That's all on you/them. As for attention. You're right. I'm so desperate and not busy with drama in my real life that I need to come online looking for more. Now THAT is funny.

  6. Just my two cents: My problem with FA or smoking (to use your other example) is that they DO affect others. Just because you're smoking or stuffing your face with donuts doesn't mean you're the only one being affected by it. I posted on one of the girl's blogs that Allan mentioned in his most recent post about this. The U.S. spends BILLIONS a year on combating smoking and obesity-related problems. If that isn't affecting the whole country, then I don't know what is. Almost 30% of America's youth are too obese to serve in the armed forces. Seriously? How pathetic is that?

    I don't think people should hate themselves because they are obese but they should love themselves enough to change their lives. Everyone is affected by obesity and smoking; they def. aren't victimless habits.

  7. Oh, and one more thought: Allan moderates his comments but I don't think it's because he is scared of being called out. He is the LAST person I would think is scared of being called out. It's probably because of spam or something since his blog gets so many hits.

  8. Fat acceptance isn't the acceptance of overeating or binging (as you used Pro-Ana in your example). Fat acceptance was started to stop the negative attitude and discrimination society has towards overweight/obese people. It's the voice of those that don't want to weigh 100 pounds and are comfortable wearing a size 16 or 18. It has become a forum for those that are overweight and obese who want to remain that way, but that's not why it started.

    Yes, there are those that are overweight, obese or morbidly obese that say they are happy that way; only they know if that is true or not. Some of those same people are actually healthier than most people (no high blood pressure, no diabetes, no high cholesterol, no poor circulation, etc). It can happen that a person is obese and not have any of the ailments that are generally associated with "fat" people. Are they at higher risk of getting these diseases? Yes but there is also no guarantee that you *won't* get this diseases/ailments if you lose weight. Skinny, healthy people get those same ailments.

    There is also the fact that not all overweight/obese people eat junk food all day long. Some eat a variety of healthy foods ... they just eat a lot more of them than we do so their calories are higher than ours and they don't lose weight. That is their goal: to remain at whatever weight they are.

    I'm not saying either side is right or wrong; everyone has to make their own decision about their life and their health. Unlike smoking, though, overeating doesn't hurt everyone else around you (unless you die and leave children behind but we know that can happen to anyone at anytime). I'll be totally honest -- if it wasn't because I developed diabetes and high blood pressure, and I was verbally harassed by co-workers because I was obese, I probably wouldn't have even considered losing weight. I made the decision to lose weight based on my health issues. I left my job based on the harassment.

    As long as they aren't hurting anyone or are only hurting themselves, to each his own. You can lead a horse to water (and you can dunk his head in the trough until he drinks), but you can't make him shit!

    But that's just my opinion. :)

  9. Joy I wasn't implying anything about Allan's moderation of comments. My comment was in response to princess saying I should go moderated. Which I won't. Whatever Allan does or doesn't post is no business of mine.

  10. To both Joy and Laryssa thank you for your responses. They were well thought out and mature. Greatly appreciated!

    Laryssa, thank you for the other perspective of fat acceptance. I do believe there are people in the world who truly do love their bodies fat. But I wouldn't say it is the majority and too many obese teens would hear 'it's ok to be fat and potentially unhealthy' when faced with the concept. :)

    Joy, you are right. FA, smoking and Many other habits/lifestyles affect others around us. Which is another reason why we must choose wisely when given the opportunity to make good or bad choices with our life.

  11. Hey kids,
    How we doing. All getting along in the sandbox. Going backwards, up the ladder, I moderate comments because I like to read them all. I get an email with a comment, and read it and post it. As I read them I post them, otherwise I might miss some of them. If they are awful, I delete them. Tonight I had two from Tamzin, as she was looking to get into a semantics pissing match with me. As a dropout of our challenges, her problems are not mine and I wish her well. Evil would be jumping ugly on her and explaining once again that her approval of a woman that has comes to terms with her obesity and embraces that death sentence is insanity is like preaching to the incoming class at the Helen Keller Institute. That alone would be a good reason to moderate MY BLOG. With over 60 people in the most recent Phase of the Challenge, the combined loss of over 249 pounds in 12 days by all of us breeds contempt, hate and jealousy. Get over it, that is the way of the world people. I point out the stupidity I see because it makes me laugh. I struggle to lose weight, and I know whomever is losing weight is struggling. If you throw in the towel for the wrong reasons, or come up with a plan that has no shot at all at success, I laugh at it and write about it on MY BLOG. Again, my thoughts, MY BLOG, and I have yet to make fun of anyone that is not deserving or in a mental place to handle it. Calling a 300 pound woman a fat, disgusting pig is not my style. Telling her that eating Nachos is not a diet food is. As for "T", another anonymous voice that is too scared to show their identity, well that should tell you how much you should value their opinion. Kristen has been called out by me, criticized by me, scolded by me and has been spoken to by me offline. If she wants to kiss my ass that is fine, and no matter what she writes in praise of me, I will still come at her when I think she is wrong. She knows that whatever I say, right or wrong, it is meant with concern and affection. Defending me is not important, I can defend myself. Princess, well comments are not really for unmoderated feelings of hate. If I get 10,000 visitors a day, I need to moderate what is printed, as many people associate yours or other comments with my thoughts. Not even close with us, although I love your spirit. And finally, Kristen's BLOG is a place where she comes for support and solace and hope. Making fun of her problems or her situation is ugly and childish. In her defense, and I rarely defend anyone, Kristen has turned down many efforts to help her, as she rather fix her life alone. That is enough for me to know she is honest, a fighter and someone to be patient with as she strives to help her family. The haters out there, well I pity them as I have pitied those that are still obese, 5 years later...

  12. As Allan said, he needs no defense on my behalf. He is quite capable of fighting his own fight. On my blog I only reiterate my opinion and feelings on certain topics. I see Allan as a friend. Someone I will probably never meet but someone I am pleased to know. If you wanna call it kissing his ass, fine. I guess I kiss all my friends asses then. Especially those that I respect, admire and would love to be more like.

    Thank you for your comment Allan. As you would say 'not necessary' but appreciated nevertheless :)

  13. I read this blog for the rollercoaster. Funny, right, since Kristen calls out other bloggers for doing the same thing.

    I know a bunch of us read "Fat Chick Weigh" and now "Kreating Kristen" because it's always some kind of shitfest.

    I feel like I can say that because K. has a thick skin. But, yeah, always bitching about SOMETHING.

    Keep doing it, though. You might lose some readers!

  14. Hmmm. . . I've missed something. I'm always arriving late to the damn party!

  15. Carolyn, I certainly would not be offended if I lost you as a reader. In fact I don't even know who you are. I'm glad my bitching entertains you though.

  16. Oh my, 'its getting hot in here', I might have to take my clothes off. That's a line from a song I heard, just thought I would change the subject .......

    Love you Kristen and Big A (or should that be Smaller A) oops, I'm kissing ass.

    Keep up the good posts, obviously some people don't like being called out ........

  17. WOW!!! I think the comments were even better then the past two post. Entertaining, informational and full of insight.
    People sure do have issues about others and their blogs. Whatever happened to..If you can't say anything nice, don't say anything at all my mama said...unless it is important and someone needs to know.
    Take care Kristen. Have a great night sleep. God Bless!!

  18. Erm thank you for quoting me but I wasn't disputing that this is 'YOUR' blog. I was simply saying it's annoying that you have to keep complaining in the first place. So stop being so defensive and realise when someone is trying to be supportive by understanding you.


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