Thursday, January 27, 2011

DAY 392 / JANUARY 27, 2011

First, my plan to remedy my binge from hell on Tuesday is to make sure my net intake every day is under 500 calories. So, I will either eat very frugally or I will make sure to burn off any excess calories with extra exercise, above and beyond what Allan calls for in Phase 4. Tonight is Zumba so that shouldn't be an issue today.

This morning I was going through photo albums with my girls and I realized I HAVEN'T been overweight my whole life. Rather I yo-yo'd from being healthy to chunky as a child and finally around 10-12 started rapidly gaining weight. Its strange to be under a wrong assumption ... About yourself.

So here is a photo timeline of my yo-yo from healthy to chunky to overweight to obese.

Even in my mom's belly I appeared to be huge!

I was really only 8lbs 2oz when I was born.

I was a normal if not extremely tall 1-2 year old.

3-4 I was still too tall and not skinny but solid.

When I was 3 my mom and I got in an accident. I shouldn't be here. The lower side of the smushed roof was where I was.

Still a normal sized 5-6 year old.

My sixth birthday. Dare I say I look thin?

My 7th birthday. The chunk starts.

My sister was born when I was 8. My mom gained 100lbs with her. I really started to gain also.

9 years old. The belly is growing.

At 10 we moved to Washington. My mom started divorce proceedings. I switched schools twice, my great gramma was diagnosed with cancer, we moved back to California, and my great gramma died all in the same year. Here I am amidst packing on the pounds.

8th grade promotion. Very near if not over 200lbs.

My 15th birthday. Sophomore year in high school. I had thinned out a little but not much.

Grad night. 230lbs. I felt thin.

My 21st birthday. Between 280-300lbs. I was horrified when I saw this photo.

Then I got pregnant with Buzzy.
(28 wks)

Then I got pregnant with Breezy

370+lbs on the day of Breezys birth

Started this weight loss journey 5 months later at

Today. 1 year and nearly 1 month later. 270ish lbs. I've come a short way and have a long way to go.

This shirt was tight 55lbs ago

Breakfast was a whopping 180cals. Lunch will be around 280. Dinner the same which will add up to 940 plus burning around 600 cals at will give me a net intake of 340 max.

Next week there will be no binge and therefore no crazy need for compensation.

Now back to your regular programming ...

XO Kristen

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  1. ok are you insane cant live off of 500 calories a day your body needs more than that ...that will make you not loose because your body will hold on to everything and what you do loose will come back with a vengeance as soon as you resume a normal healthy diet again that is not good for you at calorie goal is 1200 per day but if i burn allot off it may be higher than that depending on how much i burned ...also when you do not consume enough your body looses muscle over fat and muscle burns more calories than fat just hanging around ...starving yourself is only setting you up to binge again, your best bet is to forget what happened yesterday, last week and focus on today what you eat and not binging today

  2. Let'a do 900 a day, and tell Misty her logic is bullshit. People live very well on 700 calories per day after bypass surgeries, for the rest of their lives..

  3. What an inspiration! Amazing job! It's REALLY hard to lose weight when you have put your body through the wringer with two kids (trust me! I know!). You're doing a fantastic job! Keep it up! I can't wait to see this post revisited with your goal pics!!!! It's so exciting!

    Great work!!!!

  4. Well, you're gonna do what you're gonna do, but exercising a lot more in cardio mode can increase appetite, so maybe you should try to get closer to the challenge 1200 so you get all your nutrients (protein, calcium, potassium, etc). If you simply stay the course for the rest of the challenge, the binge won't matter a damn bit. It will be history in no time. Overcompensating can psychologically set up another whack-out.

    But, hey, just my opinion. Do what ya gotta-wanna, right?

  5. my logic is not bullshit ...gastric bypass surgery is dangerous in itself and the calorie consumption that is recommended with it is meant to be for a short period of time while you remove the morbidly obese weight you have put on
    also also limiting your calories this much also limit's your nutrients that your body needs to function properly ...there have been no long term studies showing exactly how harmful this loss of nutrients is over an extended period of time but there are some definite consequences such as loss of bone density

    she is not talking about even doing 900 a day she is saying she wants to aim for 500 and still burn even some of that off and burn off any excess of calories over 500 ....even the contestants on the biggest looser intake 1000 calories a day
    this is just my opinion i am not a medical professional...yet...and it is also not my body but this will do more harm than good

  6. I was talking 900 calories a day actually. I said with a NET intake of 500. Net means whats left over after you subtract burned calories. I'm pretty sure I was clear on that. Especially when I laid out my meal plan today which added up to 940??

  7. Um...if i read this right, Kristen said about 900 cal for 4 days which is not a long time and will probably not have long term effects. I suspect she is picking carefully and not wasting cal. How many cal you eat and getting the nutrients you need are not related. Plenty of people eat 3000+ cal of junk and don't get any. You are doing great..100 lbs is a wonderful job already done and i suspect you know how to read your bodies clues and adjust a little if needed.

  8. This was a great post with your history - when I lose another 30lbs, I am sure I will feel confident enough to do this myself! Inspiring!!

    I have to say - I would never think you weigh 270ish now!! You are looking good!! Keep up the good work.
    I lost 30lbs last year (gained 9 back-ew) and one of the greatest parts about it was going from having to wear an XL to be comfortable (2X to be a baggy shirt), down to wearing just a Large (which was snugger than normal, but acceptable to wear in public!).

    I can't wait to get down to a Medium again---it's been 10 years since I've been in a Medium!!!!

    You sound like you have a good handle on your calories! I respectfully disagree with some of the comments - and especially when you have over 75 pounds to lose - you'll be fine on a very short term, very low cal diet. I was sick the last 3 days and ate less than 500 calories for all three days...I'm pretty sure my body isn't permanently damaged. :)

  9. Good for you, make up for the binge and then move on to an awesome week next week. Nice history, can't wait to see the future pictures of you losing it all!

  10. Wonderful job!!! I can see a bit of you smile in the last picture and you look so happy! Keep up the good work!

  11. WOW! I am SOOO proud of you Krissy!!!! You look great, happy even. :-) Can't wait to continue follwoing you on this journey...


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