Saturday, January 29, 2011

DAY 395 / JANUARY 30, 2011

A day of internal warfare.


Weigh in.

Yesterday, said 271.

Today said:

Blogger for iPhone is being a bitch and flipping my photo.

For those of us not proficient in upside down reading it says 271.2.

That's a loss of 0.8lbs.

Hey it's a loss right.


It's Shit!

Stupid binge.

And I did so well after Tuesday.

Literally 4 days of under 900 cals with all required water and minimum 400 cal burns!

Every day!

Frick and Frack!


This is a new week.

The mental struggle for emotional comfort and fulfillment is there but I am chomping sugar free gum and blogging to forget about drowning my frustration in the cookies, chocolate, muffins, ice cream and sugary cereal my mom bought last night.

Yesterday, I went shopping with my little terrors and before the mother of all tantrums exploded I was able to try on 2 things. They look horrible but they fit.

Size 1x.

A dress I thought I'd try.

My girls were quite amused by the prominence of my lower spare tire.

Needless to say... Um... I didn't (nor would I ever) by this (looking like this)

I tried on this empire hoodie. Cute but still too tight so a no.

Size 1x

Those shirts hanging in the background never got a chance.


Ok. Done here.

XO Kristen


  1. That black sweater looks really nice! I don't think you're that far off from it fitting perfectly!

  2. I think the hoodie is very close to fitting! I really like it. Ugh to tantrums while shopping. Ugh to binges. Just keep on going... you're back on track. THAT'S what matters.

  3. You show almost a pound down...after a huge binge day. That to me is victory. So, clap one for your own bad self!

    How do you fit in a 1x at 270. Dang, I'm 227 and I'm still in the midst of 2x to 1x (depending on sizing, how tight or generous). hahaha

    Anyway, you are back on track and that's what is really important. Next week, once the binge bloat is all out of your system and your muscles can calm down (if you're buring that much exercising, you will have muscle retention of water), you're gonna see a killer good weigh-in. You'll see.

    Happy Sunday to you and the goilies.

  4. Oh, just so you know, the "Mirtika" above is me. I had signed on with other gmail. :)

  5. Wow 900 cals is really low Kristen

  6. I'm the last person that should be giving advice this week but from past experience, ever after only one binge, it usually takes my body a good week to recover, even if i am perfect the rest of the week. Hang in there. I am sure next week will be much better!

    BTW, I LOVED the dress. A pair of Spanx and I think you could have made it work!

  7. A loss is a victory! No matter HOW small. Besides, don't trust the scale. Trust your clothes!!!! And you're doing super well. Keep it up!

    P.S. Cute kids!!!

  8. dude, weeks over.. no binge this week and you get to eat 1200 calories a day! yeah! lol.
    man, if you ca do 900 for four you can do 1200.
    You got this. and the hoody was cute.

  9. Okay i actually like the dress! Put on some tights to smooth things out and you'd be golden.

    Congrats on the loss!


  10. I liked the hoodie too. You are rocking Kristen, keep it up. I am proud of you. You have come so far. Good luck this week.
    Take care and God Bless!!

  11. .8 is awesome! :) It's going in the right direction. Congrats on the 1X try ons! :)

  12. I hate trying on cloths so even there you good, I'll often buy something and bring it home before I find out how it looks, half of the stuff ends up in the closet for good. Its great that your headed in the right direction and I'm sure if you had more time you could find stuff that fits you better, kids and shopping just don't mix most of the time, I applaud your ability to shop in the first place, its still beyond me!

  13. We are our own worst enemy!! I think you look great in the clothes you tried on! But kudos to shopping WITH young kids!!! lol

    I am like KayBeth...I take stuff home to try on...I HATE shopping for clothes. Nine times out of ten, I either return them or keep them thinking, "I will fit into them eventually". HA! lol

    Keep up the good work....and like others have said....,0.8 IS a loss and every little bit helps!! :)


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