Saturday, January 1, 2011

JANUARY 1, 2011 / DAY 366 PART II

Just popping in to sum up today's food.

I stayed under 1500.


Did not do fabulous on water consumption. Only approximately 48oz consumed. Better than nothing but truly pathetic compared to what I know I can and should be drinking. BUT it was pure water. No Crystal Light.

Breakfast as before mentioned but needed to be minorly edited was:

Coffee with creamer - 80 cals <--- thought it was 70 in last post and then rechecked
Sandwich thin - 100 cals
1/2 banana - 52.5 cals
1 tbsp peanut butter - 95 cals

Lunch was:

Garlic chicken grilled steamer from Lean cuisine - 270 cals
*For all you veggie nazis out there (you know who you are -wink-) these steamers come packed with them. This particular one had carrots, green beans, asparagus chutes and mushroom. 

Snack was:

Other 1/2 of Breakfast banana - 52.5 cals
1 tbsp peanut butter - 95 cals

Dinner was:

6 short pork ribs - approx. 504 cals
1 corn on the cob boiled and dry - 111 cals

Snack was: 

3 keebler crackers with cheese - 95 cals


And with that. Sleep calls.  

XO Kristen


  1. Crystal light is fine... under 120 ounces total fluids for you is not fine !!!

  2. Are the LC steamers as good as they look? I usually avoid frozen but it sure would be convenient to have a few of those around!

  3. I wanted to know too! The LC steamers look amazing but do they come out good? And I know you didn;t meet your water goal but how do you find it easiest to get your water in?

  4. Hubby loves those steamers. Try adding a salad on the side ... increasing the fiber with your lunch meal might help you not need an afternoon snack. Low in calories and good for you. Okay, I'm one of those veggie nazis! ;)

  5. How about next time in the supermarket, pick up a big container, store brand, of powdered Cremora or Coffee mate. I use it every day. Two teaspoons, 20 calories, big mug of coffee with 2 Equals. Tastes great, no cream to clog your arteries. The 60 calorie difference is an apple, and add that to breakfast. You will be great !!!

  6. I disagree with Allen. CL is NOT fine, here's why. Your body craves sweet food the more you pump it with sweetened stuff. If you constantly DRINK sweetened stuff (cola, coffee, CL), you'll be fighting an uphill battle. That's why diet soda never helps anyone LOSE weight. If you don't mind fighting that battle, fine by me. (And that doesn't even take into account all the shit chemicals you're drinking. They add UP.) But you have to recognize that drinking sweet makes your body crave sweet and fat and salt.

    You might try two slices of cucumber and a slice of lemon in your water. Or squeeze a lemon and a lime.

    I was 325, now 155. Maintained it for around 10 years (with some 20 pound slip-ups here and there).

  7. Pure water is always better, and I'm proud to see you drinking it! Water is the boat your fat floats out on. The artificial sweetener in CL will KEEP you bloated and hungry.

    You're doing it right. Just build up your water intake.


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