Saturday, January 1, 2011

JANUARY 1, 2011 / DAY 366

My starting weight for 2011 is:

I'm not sure why my phone decided to flip the photo but it says 284.6.

2010 had a total net loss of 40.4lbs. That's 0.77lbs lost per week divided throughout the year. That's PATHETIC and I plan to double and a half that number by next ... No not January... But by end of June. Ambitious? Yes. Doable? Absolutely!

So anyway, this mornings weigh is 1lb more than I actually was when I weighed first thing this morning at 283.6.

Unfortunately I didn't have my phone to shoot the photo and in the span of time it took me to get my phone I got thirsty and absentmindedly chugged 1/3 of my 24oz water bottle, not remembering that the water would affect my weigh in. *sigh* although I don't really understand how consuming 8oz of water can add a whole pound of weight.

Whatever. It's really all relative as long as every Saturday (my new weigh day) from here on out shows a loss (preferably of 2lbs or more)

Today's eats thus far:

Whole wheat sandwich thin- 100cals
1TBSP peanutbutter - 95cals
1/2 banana- 50cals
Coffee w/ creamer - 70cals

Breakfast total: 315cals

Tickers, side bar and pages if weights, measurements and photos will be updated shortly.

I am now off to assist in the dismantling of the decorations and rearranging of furniture.

Oh, and so excited because we are converting my moms garage into a playroom (maybe bedroom) for the girls' toys. Insulating walls, installing heaters, raising the foundation so it's level with the house so the space will be warm, as well as installing windows, tv jack and when it's done it'll be one huge renovated space for the girls to play (uncramped) with ALL their toys!! Soo excited!!

XO Kristen

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  1. Good luck on your quest to lose weight. I'll be around if you need any support.

  2. Awesome Kristen!!! No matter what you think keeping at a loss is fantastic!!! I just joined weight watchers, and am all about support. I can share any info if you want :)

  3. We did that renovation to our garage a couple of years ago..It's a lot of work, but WORTH IT. Instead of raising the floor, we got this really neat flooring that is about an inch thick, and pieces together like puzzle pieces. It's super cushiony which is great for kids that fall!

    That's similar to what I'm talking about. You might want to check it out. We LOVE it, and it was super easy to install.

  4. don't smack me, but you have a pretty face. AND.
    forty pounds is one 6 year old. At least you lost some.
    keep at wishes.

  5. You will do it! And I agree with Chris...a very pretty face. Photogenic you are.

  6. Pfffft, since when losing 40lb is anything short of great?! I think you've done great. The loss shows in your figure and 40lb's is something to strive for this year as well!

    Think positive; at least it wasn't a gain! (Unlike me who had managed to put on a stone since starting a desk job.. :P)

    Keep up the good work!


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