Wednesday, February 16, 2011


Yesterdays ending calories: 1392
Today's ending calories will be: 1496

Yesterdays zumba class kicked my ass. Every 6 weeks a new session begins with new songs, new dances, and new students.

The new songs and dances are seriously high intensity in comparison to previous sessions. Aside from being used to my instructor, I felt like last night was my first night going to Zumba...ever!! Craziness!

Im feeling good. Trying successfully to enjoy this process instead of obsessing over every single food choice and every single calorie. Staying under 1500 is my main priority with eating sensible foods coming in second.

After my unsuccessful attempts to stay at 900-1200 calories per day I feel reenergized and optimistic being able to eat a whole 300 more calories. Those 300 calories are the difference between insanity and enjoying this journey.

I choose to enjoy it. And successfully eating 1500 calories a day is not exactly indulging. I feel really good about it... This!

On another note, Sassy has an ear infection which is causing a horrid cough and congestion. Breezy is quickly coming down with a cough too.

Right now I'm watching last nights DVR'd Biggest Loser. Then I'll watch Parenthood and I'm excited for tonight's season premier of Survivor.

A lot of TV you say? Well, I'm relaxing. Sick kiddos, up all night holding, rocking, listening to the sobs, trying to keep them from choking on the phlegm in their throat, getting vomited on... Then cleaning the bathroom, & the kitchen (2x).

I am feeling entitled to a small day of relaxation.

So back to it!

XO Kristen

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  1. Ive always wanted to try zumba- one day :) Sorry to hear about the sick little 900 is scary low calories! 1500 sounds more realistic and like you said sane lol! Im sure you will actually have better success in the long & short run w/ the 1500.

  2. Well, it's been 6 days. Unless you're away on vacation or lost your internet, I'm guessing this isn't a good sign, health plan-wise...

    Please update and let us know what's up. If it's good or bad. Whatever. And if things are going great..we'd celebrate. If bad...we'd kick your butt into gear. Come on! (Hang on, was the ticker backsliding there? Hm...I forget where it was...)

  3. Why is it soooo hard to lose 12 pounds (took me 3 months) and yet you can gain all 12 pounds back in a week? sigh.... Got to get back on the wagon and try again, and not let it discourage us too badly. I am back down 5 pounds again.
    Keep up the good work, don't get discouraged, I'll be following your progress.

  4. Personally, I think you are a perfectly reasonable level of TV obsession.

    And I am so glad to hear you share my love of Zumba:)


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