Thursday, February 24, 2011


'I'm sick & Can't be bothered to wear real clothes'

First thing I tried on were these jeans.
Size 20 (still)
 and they fit, but very awkwardly

They made my butt look ridiculous

Just for comparison sake.
See, my butt doesn't look misshapen and lopsided
in my 'too big'  black stretch pants

Tank top I tried.
It was cute,
but I'll wait for summer
as hopefully my arms will look a bit better by then

Mama like
Mama bought

Mama no like
Mama feel ridiculous
Mama no buy

& a T-shirt
Liked it
Wanted to buy it
but it was so not worth

XO Kristen


  1. nice shots. you are so pretty and you really have a great feminine shape - make no bones about it when you lose this weight you are gonna be one hot mama!

  2. I'm digging that shirt that you bought, and totally agree--no shirt is worth $30! And sweetie, just to let you know, your arms are 100% better than mine already :) Keep working out and eating right and you'll be one svelte momma before you know it!

  3. love that black and white one..

  4. I always hated shopping until I started shopping and trying on smaller sizes :-) You look great! Keep up the hard work!

  5. Ok I love the outfit you bought, and that tshirt was super cute!! Try to snag it on sale, because you rocked it well!

  6. Loooooooove the black and white top. HAWT!

  7. Curvy mama...sure, right now larger than you would like but so shapely & very cute---dont discount that! I love the top you bought, and that in the pic your hair looks wild and you look confident (and a little pissed! More like maybe you're "feeling your oats". Always a good thing)
    PS. I give you major props for actually trying clothes on in the store and taking pics. Usually what I do is buy something that looks like a possibility and try it on at home--not good and not efficient!

  8. Looking good. You are beautiful. By the way I love your hair. So thick and pretty. I need to go clothes shopping but am waiting for the change in season, no since buy winter stuff when hopefully it won't fit next winter. One season at a time.
    Keep up the great work. Take care and God Bless!!

  9. I like the top you bought! and I love the tee shirt to.... but not at 30$ that's insane! I think you looked nice in all those clothes.... I hate buying jeans because they ALWAYS make my butt look funky...LOL! I would rather shop for house stuff than clothes, since clothing always gets so complicated for me..UGH! Have a nice weekend and enjoy the pretty top! :o)

  10. Not that long ago you blogged that you had no money to buy healthy food...

    I wonder what you could have purchase with the money you spent on your new clothes.

    To stop your weight tracker from backsliding, maybe you should prioritize.


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