Thursday, February 3, 2011

DAY 399 / FEBRUARY 3, 2011

It's midnight here in the pacific northwest. Everyone else in the house has been asleep for a while. My mind has been racing a mile a minute. Something has been bothering me. I watched some tv but couldn't concentrate. I've been back and forth to the bathroom, pacing the house, getting drink after drink. (my nose is so clogged that breathing through my mouth has left me parched and chapped with split lips and achey throat)

As I was on my umpteenth trip to the bathroom and thoughts of blogging again occurred to me, I realized something.

Maybe it's not THEE something that has been bothering me but a light bulb went off in my head.

From morning till night I blog, tweet, FB, log food and text. I never am far from my computer and my phone never leaves my side except for the rare instances when it needs to be charged.

Tomorrow (today actually) I am taking a technology free day. No blogging. No tweeting. No Facebook. Minimal texting. Tomorrow I will spend the quality time with my girls that I am just now realizing they are missing. If it goes well, we'll see if perhaps I will have to make it a habit to do all my online stuff after they sleep or when they are thoroughly enthralled with something or someone else.

My babies need me.

The internet will always be there.

The loves of my life.

Tomorrow will be a day of appreciation. Patience. Adoration. Hugs. Kisses and happiness. My babies deserve that. I deserve that.

So long for now bloggies and internetalonians.

We shall meet again.


Until then.

XO Kristen

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  1. I think that is just what you need. be well.

  2. Sometimes I feel like that too, like too overloaded by the constant connection. Maybe putting 30-60 mins aside at night to answer emails, blog, etc will be better than spreading it out throughout the whole day. Have a good day with your girls!

  3. Hi Kristen. You are not whining! You are a mom and the non-stop nature of the whole experience is murder! I was just thinking those same thoughts myself this morning and I only have one kid. One thing that helps me regarding exercise is having a plastic step, I can do simple step ups and watch my kid at the same time. Just a thought. You are dealing with alot of incredible stress at a young age. Those children will become more independent and this won't last forever.

  4. That's a faboo idea. I took a couple of days off blogging earlier in the week and it was great just not thinking about what to blog/whose blog to visit/what comments to leave/what this/what that/updates/downloads. It was nice to just go around the city and enjoy it.

    I hope you have oodles of great quality time. I love that pic. Such cuties. Makes me want to be fertile again.

  5. Its hard to disconnect. Enjoy your day of silence.

  6. That is just what you and the babies need. Good for you.


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