Saturday, February 26, 2011


I'm lying here in bed, thinking of what I have done to myself. As in, during the span of my entire life. I have literally thrown away experiences and happiness in one shape or another because of my weight or even more bluntly, because I couldn't keep the food out of my mouth!

I wonder if there would have been a difference if someone said to me: here choose between the ribs and garlic mashed potatoes or a trip to magic mountain or choose between this ice cream cone and fitting comfortably in the airplane seat. Would I have still chosen the food? I honestly don't know.

My scale broke a week or so ago. I had put a new battery in it and it freaked out and now it's frozen in 00.0 mode even when I remove the battery. It's like it's possessed.

The 8th is coming soon, being that February is a short month and the 8th is shopping day. I have resolved to not coddle my family. If they want ice cream, cookies, chips, donuts, cake, pie, candy or the like they will have to use their own money. Which now might be difficult but I'll touch on that later.

My shopping cart will only hold the most essential items. Staples: eggs, milk, bread, lunch meat (generally turkey @ 60 cals per 6 slices) peanut butter & jelly for my sister's lunches, cheese (American for them and low cal laughing cow for me) as well as fruits, veggies, lean meats (including steak, chicken, fish *we love love love tilapia* and ground hamburger)

I'm exercising regularly. Zumba and then cardio/strength training at home with emphasis on strength training right now because my cardio options are limited with a flat stroller tire, no babysitter and the weather.

*and if you think thats an excuse than you've never attempted to run/jog/walk with 2 under 3 who love to fight and hurt one another when stuck in close quarters, with a flat jogger tire in the snow. NOT FUN! NOT EASY! NOT EFFECTIVE!

So, this is just me, back to my regular posting. I probably won't post as much. There's a lot going on in my life and I just don't think it's the right time to share it. But it's keeping me busy; physically, mentally and emotionally.

I'll be here though.

Because even if i fall again, there is no failure until the time I refuse to get back up. That time will never come and one day, sooner or later I WILL be a success!

Later bloggers

XO Kristen

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  1. Claim it and it's yours! Whether it's good or's true. You WILL succeed!!!

  2. your shopping list sounds great! And good for you to stand your ground on what to buy!

    Love the last line of your post.. you WILL do this!

  3. You should only shop for the wholesome staples. Always. Period. So, I'm glad you're making some good decisions there.

    If your scale is broken, get the tape measure and just keep track of major measurements (bust, waist, hip, thighs). That will show you progress (or regress) as much as a scale, though it takes longer and can be more iffy as you may not get the same exact spot each time. But it's a toool. Use it.

    And get a pair of pants that don't fit now and try them on weekly to see if they are fitting better or worse Again... a way to gauge without scale.

    Every morning, make the decision and say "it's not an option" when temptation hits. Put a picture of your goals (a thing you wanna wear or do) or a personal model goal (a person with your body type that is in fitter shape). Whatever will work for your mind.

    And log your food and fluid. :) Be regimented about THAT, if nothing else will let itself be regimented due to life.

    REfusing to stay down is key...always...

    Best to you, babe....

  4. I feel the same way, I missed out on so much because of my weight. I let myself gain and gain and then become so ashamed that I didn't want to go out and do anything. It totally sucks. But we are fixing it now!

    Also, I don't know how old your kids are, but if my mom made me use my own money for the chips and cookies, I definitely wouldn't have eaten so much! Good idea on that one.

  5. I hear you about missing out...and I just want to say (very gently) don't live in your regrets. Let those days motivate you sure - but don't let the past get you down...I am speaking to myself also! I have so many regrets and they can be overwhelming, but I have learned (am learning) to change the focus to the present and the future.

    Sorry to hear there is alot going on in your life...that doesn't sound good. I admire you for working out and bettering yourself and your family (love the idea of letting them spend their own money on snacks!) Having young children makes it so hard to do nice things for yourself - but in the long run they will benefit from seeing you in that mode! What a great example!!!!

    One more thing, spring is just around the corner - I think we will all feel better then :)


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