Friday, February 11, 2011


An example via google for comparison sake with mine

Recipe to feed 10 people 
(Because I will actually be feeding 10 people... LOL)

You will need:

20 roma tomatoes

4-6 Large red onions (depending on how much you like onion)

2 Large cans or 4 small cans of Chipotle chiles in adobo sauce
This photo includes 2 large cans and 1 small can of two different brands
They all taste the same to me
8 bone-in or (large) boneless chicken breasts (boneless makes it easier to shred but bone-in is usually tastier)

Tostada shells (the flat kind)

2 large cans of refried beans (black or pinto, whichever you prefer)
Yes, I know there are 3 here, but you only need 2
1 Bag shredded lettuce

2 wheels of Queso Fresco

1 jar of Crema Mexicana (I buy the brand Cacique with the white lid)

Prep Instructions:

Dice 15 tomatoes into thin slices (the thinner/smaller the slices the easier/faster they deteriorate)
You can cut them in squares or long thin slices it doesn't matter

You should end up with a TON of diced tomatoes
Dice 5 tomatoes into little squares you will sprinkle on top of the tostadas
Cover and refrigerate

Slice all onions into semi-thick rounds

Cooking Instructions:

Boil chicken in water (salted or unsalted) until fully cooked
I like to use two pots to make sure chicken cooks well

Drop em in

They are fully cooked when there is no pink left
In a large saucepan add tomatoes and onions to medium heat (stir often to prevent burning especially if your tomatoes were not particularly juicy - You can add water or chicken broth *from your boiling chicken* to juice things up)
Onions and tomatoes in large saucepans

Cover them

Use broth/stock once chicken is fully cooked to keep the onions and tomatoes cooking but not burning
*NOTE: I usually have to divide ingredients into 2 saucepans because I don't own any large enough to accommodate all the ingredients

Once fully cooked shred chicken finely
Let chicken cool for a few so you don't burn your fingers

Add chipotle chiles and sauce to the saucepan of tomatoes and onions once the onions are soft and the tomatoes deteriorated. *I do not have a photo of adding the chipotle sauce*
(Depending on preference, add few to no whole chiles - just the sauce - if you want your tostadas less spicy (they will be a little spicy regardless) and add more to all the whole chiles if you like some heat)
This is a chipotle chile (pickled jalapeno in adobo sauce)
If you want your tinga spicy, add these.
If not, drain the adobo sauce from the cans and leave the chiles alone.
Once ingredients in saucepan are simmering add the shredded chicken. Stir often and make sure to coat all the chicken in the tomato/onion/chipotle mixture. (I add salt here for taste but you can omit that)

Put lid on saucepan and keep on low heat stirring every so often

In  another pan put the refried beans and heat them up to preferred temperature

Grate the Queso Fresco


One tostada shell

Smear on some refried beans

Add a spoon full of the chicken mixture

Sprinkle shredded lettuce, queso fresco and diced tomatoes on top

Oops, I forgot the tomatoes
Drizzle some Mexican Crema (cream) and voila!

Tostadas de Tinga

Yum Yum!

Warning! They're messy!!
Have lots of napkins available!
I hope you enjoy as much as my family and I do!

Google's Tostadas Vs. My Tostadas

What do you think?

Lemme know if you try them and what you think.

XO Kristen


  1. Wow..they look amazing! Thanks for sharing.

  2. Mmm, I love tinga. I don't usually make tostadas de tinga these days, though. Instead, I usually make the tinga and serve it over lettuce as a super duper spicy (I usually throw at least half of the whole chilis into the food processor until a paste and then add them to the chicken as well) salad.

  3. OMG those look yummy. Your pictures made me hungry. I guess I better go drink some water :(

    They really do look great. I love chipolte, what a flavor and the smell is die for.

  4. I cant eat the beans or the tostadas but everything else is a Go for me...I think I'll try to make this soon, hubby would love it and I can do a variant omitting the 2 ingredients I cannot have! Im also jealous of your stovetop...we used to have one like that and then moved into a new house that has just a plain electric stove. SO hard to keep clean!!

  5. Looks great, I may make it one day also as salad for me and all for DH. Loved the picture directions.

  6. Oh wow. That really looks yummy!

  7. Those look can you come over and make them for me?

  8. oh my gosh those look & sound so good! And I love the final picture- super cute!

  9. you did an awesome job with all the photos and it looked great!


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