Monday, February 14, 2011


Hello and welcome to the infirmary. The only one of us not stricken is Breezy which means that the two biggest babies (Sassy & myself) are afflicted with sore throats, cough, heavy chest and runny noses while the actual baby watches us suffer and smiles ... Or sucks her lower lip.

This is Sassy.

And me. Not a sight to behold.

Thank God since that photo was taken, I have taken a shower (an event in itself which I will get to later) and look marginally less homely. I think the turbie really makes all the difference.

Last night I didn't go to sleep until 1:30 trying to keep miss Sassy comfy, not coughing and for all that is holy NOT CRYING! I know I've mentioned it before but this kid is ... Somethin else when she has any kind of ailment or affliction. There is almost no consoling her.

Which brings us to 4:30 when she decides she is tired of trying to sleep.

This is when mommy dearest (from one flew over the cuckoos nest) comes to life. Not really but you can imagine that being sick myself and only going on 3 hours sleep that there is no way I am ready to get up. So I slap some toons on the tv and back to sleepy mommy land.

At 7:30 when we all wake up my glorious angel of a mom offers to let me take a shower. Oh mercy, miracles do happen. Now, I may or may not have been unable to take a shower for the past few days. I may or may not have looked like death warmed over and perhaps smelled the same. Needless to say I took my mom up on her offer.

Not the most conventional shower I have ever had. Wash my hair. Ouch! It hurts! From being stuck in the same ponytail/bun for the last 3 days. Rinse. Conditioner. I hate the texture of conditioner.

Then I get to the nitty gritty of shaving where I may or may not have shaved my mustache, my knuckles, my forest of armpits, my toes, my feet and then...

'Mama!' Breezy is yelling outside the bathroom door.

So I hurry and shave my legs below the knee ( nothing sexier than hairy knees! ) and get outta the shower dry off and pull on my too big underwear.


I hate that my underwear is too big. Everything hangs out. So what is the point?? Geesh!

So after I am dressed I instinctively think, oh crap I forgot to take off my makeup. I had glance into the mirror pre-shower and had noticed the black rims around my eyes. So now, post shower I look again. Same black circles. Handy dandy wash cloth in hand I drag my fingers across the underside of my eye and nothin. Again on the other eye. Nothin. Only then, staring perplexed at the starch white wash cloth do I remember I'm not wearing makeup. The black rims are stress and fatigue plaguing my eyes! Gash!!

And now that I am dressed (sorta) what the heck do I do? No where to go and too sick to go even if there was. Was sposed to see the husband today but with the current events of illness attacking us that has been called off.

Happy Valentines Day to me!

I'm off to drown myself in Vicks vapo rub, Ricola throat lozenges, and bury myself in some pillows and blankets with Sassy until our diseases leave us.

XO Kristen

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  1. OMG, thank God for moms. I hope you and Sassy feel better soon. Rest and recover hun.

  2. Sorry about all the crying, but don't worry... soon enough you'll have teenagers on your hand and you'll be the one doing all the crying...

    Feel better.

  3. we're going through the same here.. hope you all feel better soon.

  4. feel better, I feel for you...I'm trying to get over my cold that I've had for about a week or more....feels like eternity! I know saying Happy Valentines Day sounds dumb but try and have a nice Valentines day anyway, hugs, Jennifer


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