Monday, February 14, 2011


Hell on earth ... I mean, my plan... Of course. My plan. Eat less. Move (LOTS) more.

I has my ghetto list of exercises to do. And when I say ghetto, I mean super ghetto. Check it out:

It's so ghetto, you can't even read the exercises cuz they're written in pencil. I thought in case I wanted to change anything up in the future.

There are 40 days on my ghetto exercise calendar. 1 month and 1 week approximately. I hope to lose a minimum of 12lbs in that time but am praying it's closer to 20.

I am also praying Mr. Groundhog was right and spring is right around the corner. I am very much looking forward to sunny, warm (even hot) days full of fresh air, exercise and naked baby bodies.

Why naked baby bodies you ask? Because both my girls hate wearing lots of clothes. Both love to run around in their panties-diaper and since they're still under 3 I figure they can.

I am of the thought process that I should not live too far ahead in the future. That a journey of one million steps (or in my case 120ish lbs) starts with one step ...err... Pound.

However one mini main goal I have is to be under 200 by beginning of September. For some reason the end of Summer and beginning of fall is significant to me. I also would like to be under 200 for my 27th birthday.

Eww! 27! That's a horrid number! Beside the fact that I hate odd numbers, I particularly dislike 27 as my age. Yuck! So close to 30, although 30 aesthetically is much more pleasing to my eye-mind.

Now that I have taken you on a windy twisty journey through this post I will leave you.

With this ...

My sick child still feels the fashion and the music in her bones!!

Breezy is totally Sassy's entourage.

We's out yo!

XO Kristen
& her Snazzy Rockstahs!


  1. wow, 12 lbs in a month is A LOT!!! I'm grateful to lose 4-6 lbs in a month. Good luck. Can't wait to hear your progress.

  2. Those two little girls look like a couple of fashionistas with some girl power attitude! Too cute!

    you sound fired up! I love it! Keep it going!

  3. I think you'll do great on your plan! ;o) your girls art to cute for words...LOL!

  4. Must be nice to have an entourage. My granddaughter (3) likes running around without clothes. Might as well let them enjoy it while they can, right? You can do this, Kristen. Keep moving forward.

  5. OMG the girls look adorable (as usual!!) can do this, you've done it before. Take it one step at a time!

  6. i don't like odd numbers either, except for 11 because it looks symmetrical or something I don't know, but odd numbers have always bothered me and I thought i was just weird that way!


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