Sunday, March 6, 2011


Age: 26

Bed size: I've gradually decreased my bed size. As a teen I had a king (California king no less) as a young adult and when I got married I had a queen. Now, living with my mom in a small room my girls and I share, I have a twin.

Chore you hate: hanging up/folding clothes.

Dogs: not much of a dog person but if I have to choose I say pure bred German shepherd.

Essential start of your day: Coffee!

Fave color: baby pink

Gold or silver: I wear yellow gold but prefer the look of
Silver thus eventually I'd like to change all my jewelry from yellow gold to white gold or platinum

Height: 5'3 & 3/4 - 5'4" on a really good posture day

Instruments I play: I can play chopsticks on the piano and blow into a harmonica. Does that count?

Job title: Mama by day and night, aspiring author for every free moment in-between

Kids: Sassy (2.5 yrs old)
Breezy (1.5 yrs old)

Live: Tim-buck-friggin-tooly-ville, WA aka cowtown

Mom’s name: Annmarie

Nicknames: Kris, Krissy, Bear, Sheesh, Kid - there are more from girls' dad but not in the mood to remember

Overnight hospital stays:
1) adenoids out at 3yrs old
2) car crash at 3
3) tonsils out at 4yrs old
4) hemorrhaging from tonsil surgery 1 week later
5) asthma attack at 15
6) miscarriage 2007
7) birth of Sassy 2008
8) birth of Breezy 2009

Pet peeve: green/super politically correct people

Quote from a movie: "this water looks questionable to me!" tantar from disneys Tarzan

Right or left handed: Right.

Siblings: sister (18)
brother (15)
brother (13)
sister (5)

Time you wake up: between 7-9 depending on little ones

Underwear: jockey low rise

Veg you dislike: Peas & Lima beans & asparagus

What makes you run late: My girls & their attitudes/tantrums

X-rays you have had done: Teeth, chest, ankle, foot

Yummy food you make: Tinga (just ask if you wanna know)

Zoo Animal, favorite: lions!!

XO Kristen

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  1. Love that.. I'll have to do it myself later!

    I've posted an award for ya on my page. :)


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