Friday, March 11, 2011


Yesterday Breezy got her shots. 4 total, 2 in each leg. She was a trooper and today it's as if nothing ever happened!

After her shots, though, she was a bit cranky so we stopped at a fast food restaurant to get a bite (I had a salad) and let her calm down.

After we ate, my gramma (who had gone with me to help with Sassy) went to the counter to order coffee for herself and me. There was an older man behind her who already seemed frustrated with life.

So when the girls, who were hanging all over my gramma, wanted the coffee cups my gramma asked the cashier for 2 empty cups. The man behind her started huffing and sputtering with exasperation.

I didn't think anything of it but then as he was ordering Breezy, who was feeling a bit better, started spinning around next to me while I made my coffee.

The crotchety old coot who was ordering looked over with disdain and disgust all over his face and shook his head.

By now his attitude was starting to bother me but I didn't say anything. After all he was older and could potentially just be having a really bad day.

So my gramma and I took the girls outside to get in the car. As I'm getting Sassy in the car all of a sudden I hear HHHOONNNKKKK!! It startled me so bad I smacked my head on the car.

Come to find out it's Mr. Crotchety who was put out because he had to do a two point turn to get out of his parking spot which was next to me because my gramma was putting Breezy in the car.

Mind you it's cold and pouring rain. He's nice and warm and dry in the cab of his truck while my gramma and I are getting drenched putting the girls in the car.

I mouthed to him 'just a second' and he started flailing his arms around and visibly grumbling with wide angry eyes.

THAT pissed me off! I finished putting Breezy in and 'ushered' the idiot out of his space and mouthed 'byeeee' sarcastically with a fake ass big grin on my face. To which he responded by opening his door and yelling out at me 'you can kiss my butt!'

He quickly jotted down my license plate number and sped away flailing his arms and saying things I am glad I didn't hear. I ended up being behind him at the signal to go home so I returned the favor and jotted down his on my phone.

I was so pissed! My blood pressure was up and I am sure if he had made any effort to intimidate me by getting out of his truck i would be in jail now for assault and elderly abuse! But man, people irritate me sometimes! Seriously, there is no tact and no patience and no consideration in this world anymore. I am only thankful he actually said 'butt' and not 'ass' because Sassy asked me why the man wanted me to kiss his butt. Oy vey!

On a brighter note, the girls and I tried new fruit today. Star fruit and mango. Well, I had had mango before (mmm LOVE) but the star fruit was surprisingly good too!

Now we are just hanging out. I think I'll take them to the mall later to play at the play area! Get some energy out.

Thas all for now folks!

XO Kristen

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  1. Mean old bastard! UGH! I freakin hate people! Your kids are so adorable!

  2. Too bad about the old for your babies....totally gorgeous!

  3. It should be very clear to you why that man was out alone!

  4. lol....what a are right though, he is older than poo and close to death. best to just let him stew in his own diminished juices.

  5. I get way more attitude from the elderly than people my age, it pisses me off. They are rude to my son who is autistic and I say loudly to him, "Bubba watch out, someone seems to be in a BAD mood today!"

  6. So how do you eat a star fruit? Do you peel it? Do you eat the seeds? I've seen them, but I'm too chicken to buy one.

    That old man needs to calm down a bit! Everybody is in such a hurry these days.


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