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I have a friend named Meghan Swann. She is a beautiful and wonderful person. She is married to Charles Swann and while I don't know him as well as I know her, he seems like a pretty awesome man. I met Meghan 5 years ago on a pregnancy website. At the time we were both TTC aka Trying To Conceive and the site provided a forum for discussion, questions etc. We formed a group of girls that quickly became very close, and some of us also quickly became pregnant (even more than once). 

Meghan was the last of our tight knit group of girls to get pregnant. She had been diagnosed and then undiagnosed with PCOS and a variety of other reproductive issues. She and Charles had tried everything from natural remedies to invasive surgical procedures to try to create the miracle of a baby to become what they had always dreamed of; Parents. 

On February 26, 2010, after more than 4 years of trying unsuccessfully to become pregnant (including early loss) Meghan finally found out she was pregnant. NATURALLY! You can read her Re-Cap one year later on her blog HERE about the beautiful moment she found out she was going to be a mommy.

Previous to becoming pregnant though, Meghan and Charles had started a foundation for couples struggling with infertility called 
Lost Stork Foundation <--- That is a link to the actual foundation's site
She collected 263 recipes to construct a phenomenal cookbook to help raise money to give grants to couples seeking financial assistance with fertility treatments. For those that are fortunate enough not to know, fertility treatments are extremely expensive, especially for those people who have poor or no health coverage. 

Meghan recently posted THIS POST on her blog (SWANN'S POND) For those that don't feel like clicking over, this is what Meghan wrote in her most recent post:

Turned Away.

Lost Stork Foundation is no doubt a God derived organization given to me and Charles.

No doubt.

We felt God leading us to have a cookbook fundraiser. Our goal was 150 recipes.

We got 263!

To us, this was God's way of reaffirming that this was indeed His plan and we continued forward.

We now currently have a huge stash of cookbooks to sell.

Just this week, I have received three e-mails from threeseparate ladies sharing three unique infertility stories. All asking for financial help.

I have to turn them away.

Without the cookbooks selling, we have no funds to give grants.

Please buy a cookbook {or few as they are great gifts} and know that although you are receiving a great product, more importantly, you are helping a couple fulfill their dreams of achieving parenthood!

You can purchase via OR in person, just ask!

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