Wednesday, March 30, 2011


Today could be the start of monumental changes in my healthy living lifestyle. I won't know for sure until tomorrow morning but the beginning of it all starts today and if it works out things could be getting really good. Really fast.

Will elaborate more when I know more.

In other news, yesterday was my sister's 18th birthday.

There was chocolate cake, lemon cake, ice cream, baklava, chocolate, candy etc.

I took a bite of baklava (I usually LOVE baklava... Hello! I'm Greek! Lol) but it was dry and horrible. So I tasted some chocolate cake and OMG tooooooooooooooo sweet! My tastebuds revolted!

All this to say, two years ago at my sister's 16th birthday, not only would I have eaten the dry baklava even though I didn't like it, I would have also eaten the cake x 2 or 3 pieces... Even if it was too sweet which 2 years ago, there was no such thing.

And even with only the little I did indulge in I feel like CRAP! Been to the potty more than a handful of times between bed last night and now and my tummy feels whacked out.

Back on track today and when we have her big birthday bash this weekend, I know better than to indulge. I'll have some tri-tip and a bit of potato and some roasted brussel sprouts but I'll pass on dessert and appetizers.

It's just not worth it.

*insert squeal here as I remember the potential changes coming soon to this journey!*

More later!

XO Kristen

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  1. That is great. And yes once your eating a certain way your tastes change! You will be rocking it! Those girls need there momma to play with!

  2. Good luck with the monumental changes about to start. I know that feeling of anticipation when you are about to start something important.

  3. So happy for you! It is so exciting when you see the your attitude toward food changing. Way to go. You and the girls are still in my thoughts & prayers.

  4. It's always awesome when your tastes change to help you!

    Go you!


  5. :) It's so great that you taste your food and gauge whether or not it's WORTH eating now! I have a hard time choosing what to eat in social settings.

    You look thrilled in your picture!


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