Saturday, March 26, 2011


So today is technically day 4 since I weighed myself. Wednesday I struggled and ultimately ate over calories, but not half as bad as I had been eating. Thursday was my first great day but the first day is always easy for me. It's jumping into day 2 with the same momentum and getting through the entire day without messing up and... I did it! Today is day 3 of being on track (day 4 since weigh in) and I'm feeling really good. I don't feel panicky or deprived and I cheated and weighed myself and I'm already down 3.4lbs which I am sure is water weight but I've been exercising (hello familiar muscle ache!) and I'm just feeling really awesome!

So, the day before yesterday my mom brought home a jar of Nutella. I had seen it on tv and in the stores but didn't really believe that something made out of hazelnuts, milk and cocoa could taste too good. Well... I was wrong! It is better than good! It is fantastic! I do need to be careful because it exceeds peanutbutter calorically. 200 cals per 2TBSP!! Holy crap!

So on my morning toast I put 1/2 TBSP peanut butter and 1/2 TBSP Nutella plus 1/4 banana and OMG! It's like dessert only with a ton of protein, fiber ... And yes, unfortunately, sugar.

Sassy's toast that she decided not to eat. My mind is trying to tell me to eat it but I won't.

And now for the questions!!

I want both calorie counters and point counters to answer this. Unfortunately this is not a question for low carbers.

So for you calorie counters:

Do you count calories for fresh fruits and veggies?

If you don't, why?

If you do, do you find yourself having to cut down on other foods in order to get in your 5 servings of fruits and veggies respectively?

For you point counters:

On the WW Pointsplus plan fresh fruits and veggies are free (0 points)

If, for example, you eat an entire squash for dinner, (but are still under your 5 servings of veggies) do you count the squash for points? or is it still 0?

What happens if you go over 5 servings in a day? Is there a point value assigned to fruits and veggies?

Thanks in advance

My husband was supposed to be served last night. I hope he was. He texted me last night but didn't mention it. I'm getting kinda antsy because I just got my attorneys bill and holy mother effer!! I about blew a gasket when I saw the amount for a month worth of service. Deep breath. It's all good. I will live.

And lastly, Sassy and Breezy had a playdate yesterday.

And then Sassy had to come home and make sure she was still as beautiful...

XO Kristen

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  1. I personally do count the calories in fruits and veggies, mainly because, those are calories too. I dont really have a problem getting them in because they are lower in calories and I use them as filler for snacks and if my calories are too low for the day.

  2. I do count calories for fruits and veggies, but I tend to estimate them more than other foods. I definitely don't have a problem getting my fruits in, but veggies are a little more difficult. I try to make sure I have a serving of veggies at dinner and I try to have at least one snack with veggies. I can eat fruit at all meals though, and often do! Keep in mind when you refer to serving sizes, they may be smaller than you think, and fitting those in without eating less of other foods is easily done. Also, it is always recommended to eat a mostly vegetarian diet, so obviously eating less of other foods should be done. And don't sacrifice fruits and veggies for other foods just to keep within your calorie count - you might as well go over and get all your nutrition in than the other way around. Well, at least this is what I try to stick too... and if you read my blog I have a difficult time doing it anyways, so maybe I shouldn't be giving out any advice ;)

  3. I count all calories.. even fruits and veggies. I don't find it hard to get all of them in.. and I eat a couple fruits and at least 4-5 veggie servings a day. If you stick with green veggies, you can get 4-5 servings in for around 100 calories or less.

  4. I count ALL calories, fruit, veggies, even my fiber supplements (10 cals per serving). What I consider vital is to get a variety of veggies of assorted colors, and round it out with no more than 3 servings of fruit (that's just me, cause I'm Insulin Resistant, so fruit can be an issue. My RD at first put me on 2 servings and I begged for another. hahhhaha. I love fruit. I used to eat 5 to 9 fruits a day. Now, 2 to 3 servings. In summer, I definitely will want more, as the fruits are so beautiful. Will discuss with RD. I may be close enough to healthy weight by then that I can have more.) Different colors. Valuable fruits and veggies as priorities, ie, those with highest antioxidant or fiber etc contents. Berries, apples, cantaloupe, kiwi, cherries, citrus...valuable. Green leafy veggies, red veggies, purple veggies...varieties of color: valuable. And some very low cal ones are useful as fillers and for flavor--I eat tons of mushrooms. Cucumbers give a lot of content for few calories. But think COLOR and NUTRIENTS and enjoy. Veggies are a dieters best pal.

    I was addicted to Nutella back in the mid-nineties. I see people are rediscovering it's addictive tastiness. Must be the commercials. Nutella is melted chocolate candy, basically. If you like the idea of melted candy on your toast, there you go. Me, I consider it a rare treat thing--like candy, cake, etc, should be for obese dieters. It's a dangerous thing to have around. I stopped buying it full stop around 1998 or so...too tempting. I'd just stick a finger or spoon in and slurp it up.

    Happy Weekend, babe...

  5. Oh, and the main ingredients in Nutella aren't hazelnuts/cocoa/milk. It's sugar and vegetable oils...otherwise, it wouldn't be that creamy and addictive. I got really ticked, too, when I saw the commercials touting it as a good breakfast for kids. Really? Really??? I would scream at the tv. Just what fat American little ones need--to die even sooner from diabetes...cause the sugar in cereals isn't bad enough, right?

    Oh, sorry, just had to rant. Sore point.

  6. Calorie Counter here...I count all my veggies except for those on sandwiches...I don't know why I don't count them, but I don't

  7. I count all my calories...but remember...veggies have very few...especially fresh ones. You eat 6 cups of spinach in a salad for 30 calories. It fills you up and is a great calorie bargain.

  8. I count everything from veggies to the splash of milk in my coffee.I underestimate amounts so I got measuring cups and spoons.They all add up.
    Nutella is evil! I gave my jar away lol

  9. I am a calorie counter. :)

    Calories are calories and I count every one. Fruit, veg, the lettuce I put on a sandwich, the diced onion that gets sauteed before I make my egg white scramble. Crystal Light... The fat free 1/2 & 1/2 that I cream my morning coffee with, the ten calories (1/4 cup) worth of almond milk that goes in my oatmeal. I count them. All of them.

    Nutella is evil and from the devil. lol It is so seriously fabulous and I have to not bring it into my house or I will sit down with the jar, a spoon and it would be all over. :P


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