Tuesday, March 15, 2011


Sometimes I can pretend like I'm a rock. Like nothing really affects me. I'm strong, hardcore. I am thick skinned and can face controversy, head on confrontation and evil without batting an eyelash.

Not tonight.

Tonight I have been stripped of my strength and I have sunk into this deep dark place. I have no motivation to even try to get out. And in this deep dark place I have succumb to weakness.

I'm sad. I feel alone. I know I'm not but I feel it.

But then in this life we are all alone. Within ourselves.

We are born surrounded by people (or at least our mother) but we are alone. We live life, with all its joy and all its pain, surrounded by people but essentially alone. And we die the way we were born, sometimes with more people surrounding us or sometimes less but regardless we are in it . . . alone.

Tomorrow's a new day and I will be seeing my lawyer . . . again.

XO Kristen


  1. HUGS.
    it is indeed a NEW DAY.


  2. Good luck with your lawyer ... stay strong :)

  3. Having struggled with depression for the last 17 years, I understand what it is like to be in that dark and lonely place. I would not wish that "dark night of the soul" on anyone. I am praying that today is a brighter and better day for you. I'm not just saying that I'm praying for you, I really am, right now.

  4. Hi I know you dont know me but I have to say As difficult as things are now there is always the future and you have 2 sweet little girls who will brighten many days to come.You seem like such a loving mother just hang on it will get better.Its always the darkest before the dawn.Il pray for you all.

  5. Just wanted you to know I am thinking of you and your girls. Be strong. You CAN climb out of the hole!

  6. You can do this! don't be defeated and don't fall into that deep dark place, it just makes it easier to keep falling. Remember what keeps you strong and remember what makes you happy, never lose sight of that not for one moment or one night...Hugs, Jennifer


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