Tuesday, March 22, 2011


The quote is actually,

But as we can all see from the picture below I am anything but the picture of beauty.

More like the picture of stress / insanity / lunacy / you name it.

Things on the divorce front are not pretty and not because I stopped the divorce and not because he's being ugly or is contesting my petition.

It's ugly because he is refusing to be served. He is refusing anything. I want this done and over and he thinks it's fun or cute or at least less stressful to sit on his ass and watch me and my lawyer scramble to try and get him served.

I wanted him served in Washington so that his response time would be limited to 20 days but being the ass he is and as non proactive as he is it looks like I may have to serve him in Oregon where he lives which would give him a response time of 60 days. Gahh!!

Something else pissing me off in all of this? These faces:

And no, it's not these faces themselves but these faces after they have been told by their father on 4 occasions that he is going to see them and then renigging and having to tell them Daddy isn't coming.

I don't like to make my babies sad.

(this sad face was staged and no baby was actually made sad in the making of this post)

Anyway, just popping in real quick. Now I have to go change this:

Because she's asphyxiating me with her... Odor. Lol

XO Kristen

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  1. awwwwwww... what a douche... i hate when men act like that... but, this too shall pass and everything will work out for the best for you... keep at it, focus on you and your babies, live healthfully and you'll stay strong! *hugs*

  2. Boo to their daddy for making them (and you) upset. I don't like that. I don't know him, but I don't like it when kids are sad because of something that a parent did. Makes me sad.


  3. Even with "crazy eyes", you're still a very pretty gal!

    You know, tell yourself, "It will happen. I will not be led around by him again." His evasion is part of his manipulation. You already know that, right? So, be calm and beautiful and let your lawyer worry about serving him. It's not in your hands to serve him, so just say, "All will be well, all will be will..." and refuse to give him this power.

    I would also think not to even tell the girls when their dad says he will come see them. When he shows up is good enough time to let them know. No disappointment that way. Even if you're driving to take them to see him, just say you're going out to have fun. And if he doesn't show up, they just have fun and no letdown. He's a shit for not wanting to see those beauties. Hell, who wouldn't want to visit with little darlings! Idiot.

    It will happen. It will be well. ENjoy the girls, the spring, your gorgeous hair, your big sexy eyes, do your zumba, eat well, and wait..cause your time is coming. YOu're gonna bloom so big it will amaze you... :)

    Oh, and as a writer, make sure you read Barry Eisler's interview with Joe Konrath. Amazing stuff as the paradigm of publishing changes. It's rather exciting to see it happen as a reader who may once again pick up her creative pen... http://barryeisler.blogspot.com/2011/03/ebooks-and-self-publishing-conversation.html

    I've been urging my many writer friends (and editor friends) to read that. As a person who may make her living in the near future from creative writing, you must read this, K?

    Hugs to you and the babies. You'll overcome!

  4. "His evasion is part of his manipulation."
    I agree with this from Princess Dieter. He knows he is losing control and he is going to hang on until YOU WIN ANYWAY. Keep your chin up :).

  5. I'm so sorry this is going on. I know the disappointment your littles are going through. I agree with PD.. if at all possible, don't let them know they are about to see their daddy (and I'm using that term loosely here, as he's not acting like one right now).

    Continue to take care of yourself and those babies!


  6. I am so sad to hear of your troubles. What a dickhead. Those babies are so cute, I would do anything to be with them. But, then again, we moms are like that. Kids first. Your little one is quite the lttle actor lol. Put her in showbiz....Just kidding

  7. Wow, he could at least work with you... if not for you and him, then for the girls! I hate when people are difficult for the pure purpose of being difficult and making someone else's life hell.

    On another note: You are very pretty; one of them natural beauty people. :) And your girls are beautiful too!

    Good luck with everything. I hope it all works out for you.

  8. Those poor little faces. I have two nephews that have not seen their father in over nine years, they were let down to . I hope you get him served and he works with you on things. be strong.


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